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  1. Soon I will be upgrading my pc by getting a 1070 and an i9-9900KF tho I wonder, will 650W power supply be enough for it or I’ll have to get a better one?
  2. Ok so I was cleaning my pc and I had turned off the cpu fan but forgot to turn it on later when I turned on the pc and after few minutes I realized it was at like 100C. I turned off the pc, turned on the fan and waited like 20 min for the cpu to cool down but when u turned it on it still was at like 100C. How long do I have to wait for the cpu to cool down and is there a way to cool it down my self faster.
  3. Right now i have the MSI B360 Gaming plus and i'm planing to upgrade from my current I5-9400F to an I9-9900KF. Could there be a problem with the motherboard?
  4. You should be good after plugging in all the cables to the mobo. when i was upgrading it i didnt need to do anything with the drive.
  5. a mobo which can support the i9 which is not that expensive has 4 slots for ram and can have 2 GPUs in to it is the MSI B360 Gaming Plus. i have that exact mobo and tbh it is really good.
  6. also looking at your mobo you would need to get a new mobo which supports the i9 9th gen but you can find ones for not that expensive
  7. i will say that it would be a pretty noticable upgrade tho as both the RTX 2080 Ti and the i9 are so expensive i cant really confirm that there would be major performance upgrade. it really depends on what you are gonna do with the computer
  8. There is a way using some toolts to move the os from one SSD to another. Problem is im not really sure what the tool is and where to download it from. im sure you could maybe find it on the internet but it will probably take some time so if its not a problem for you to install all your programs again then i advice you to reinstall windows.
  9. if you can afford the i9 and it wont be a big hit in your wallet i advice you to get the i9 since its alot better. Damn i wish i could afford to even lay eyes on a GTX 1080 lol
  10. It is possible to change a Computer wholy (Mobo , CPU) and have it when booted to look pretty much like nothing happened. I recently also upgraded my computer similarly to this with new mobo and cpu and even changed SSD and when i booted the PC everything was like nothing happened. Using some tools you can move your whole OS without it being touched to a new SSD. thats if you want to change SSD which i advice you to do since 110GB of SSD is pretty low amounth and it will probably get filled at some point.
  11. Will performance be changed if the cards are the same and are toghether by SLI? Let's say 2 GTX 1070 Ti's , will they performe better than one GTX 1070 Ti
  12. Is it possible to have 2 different GPUs in one PC. Example of GPUs : GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and a GTX 1660 Ti 6GB. if its possible will it have big differene of performance compared to the GTX 1660 Ti 6GB by it self
  13. i already upgraded and i would say im really happy in my choice of the i5-9400F as my benchmark performance in GTA V was 60fps with my old i5-7400 and now is 170 fps avg with the i5-9400 which as you can probably can see is a huge jump in performance. Also some time after i created this thread i got to know that intel CPUs usually performe better in gaming which is what i use my pc most of the time.