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    Class A CDL Driver/Trainer


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    Ryzen 2700x
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    ROG Strix B350-F Gaming
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    2x8GB DDR4
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    PowerColor RX 570
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    Thermaltake Core G21 TG
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    3Tb HHD 256gb SSD
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    650W PowerSpec
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    Acer 60hrz 21in
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    HP Omen 17in

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  1. see if see if he can borrow a ryzen 1000 or ryzen 2000 series chip because I think that motherboard is on the list of boards that needs a bios update to work with that CPU.
  2. First thing I would do is check to make sure that the power supply is giving enough power, you can do that with a voltmeter if you're familiar with electricity, Or you can buy another power adapter and power brick offline. I don't know if this is one of those cases but I've heard of laptops acting up real bad when the battery is completely fried, might want to look into buying a replacement offline if they offer it. Any further checking of the actual voltage between the components would require taking the laptop apart and is not something for you to do if you're not willing to take the risk
  3. I think they're onto something with this one. I would try that and then try to check for updates on your drivers for the graphics card in case there's specific bug fixes.
  4. Microcenter has always had the best deals when I've been shopping, their 'house brand' powerspec it's probably the cheapest I would ever go on a power supply. I actually prefer EVGA or Corsair though.
  5. Remember power supplies will degrade a little bit over time, and even when new should not be run at the limit of their range, so even if it should be doable you always want to have a bit extra for error between reported output and actual output. Those graphics cards were good but they were power hungry. I've also heard of a similar issue being the result of a bad motherboard but I would test the power supply first by swapping for a more powerful one.
  6. What type of power supply unit do you have, I just remembered another time I had a similar issue somebody put a new PCIe (grafics) card into a computer that didn't have enough power coming from the power supply and it caused all their USB ports to turn on and off anytime the PCIe card ramped-up. The problem was according to a power calculator they needed about 400 watts and their power supply was rated for 400 watts, however power supplies will degrade just a little bit over time even the good ones, so their power supply was only pushing in let's say 380 or 390 so when he turned everything
  7. Do you have a volt meter? I only know two ways to test a USB port(I'm sure there are others), one is swap for a know good port(which costs money) the other is a volt meter to check voltage at the contacts. (and that only checks if its getting the correct power, not data issues) .
  8. The ports maybe dieing. Try a USB expansion card to confirm.
  9. What usb divices are you using and how many? Are you using a hub, adapter, or an extention?
  10. If you can catch it on a good sale I say go for it. I tend to wait until a graphics card is below $200 before I consider it.
  11. I would go for the rx570, you can get them for a steal at Microcenter if you time it right. I got mine for 129$. Your PSU should be fine, but if you want anything added later you may want to relook at it then. The PSU is the easiest thing to brick a whole system with if it fails, that's why everyone is so on about that, but from what I can tell you should be fine, just running under peak efficiency. (most power supplies operate at peak efficiency at 50% sustained usage, giver or take a few points. If I remember right. )
  12. I use them for my long term storage and have not had any issues, but I use them less than once a month.
  13. I use a mix, high speed SSDs for every day use, cheap SSDs for things I use once a week/month or so, and HHDs for anything that I use less often. If I were you I would buy two 1tb SSDs and then feel the rest of the space with high cap HHDs.
  14. What he said, plus a Dram-less Ssd can be slower than even an HHD is some situations.