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  • Birthday Jul 07, 1979

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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI x570 A pro
  • RAM
    Cosair 3200mhz
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1660 Ti
  • Case
    10 year old cooler master
  • Storage
    too many SSD´s in raid 0
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    BenQ 24"
  • Operating System
    Win 10

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  1. Dont know the asrock .. But know the MSI board .. My 3300x runs on it .. But i have orderd B550 bazooka for it
  2. Dont know the b350 MB .. But if it runs 3600 then a 3300x runs on it too ? I have R5 3600 @ X570 for gaming rig and 3 3300x @b450 for work station
  3. The MSI board aint made for OC .. I rater shitty .. R3 3300x cant run 4.3ghz on it with 3200mhz ram .. Works fine on another better MB (x570)
  4. I have both 3 3300x and 5 3600 .. Gaming performance is the same .. Same FPS in games .. same load times ect. 3300x is a beast .. Havent tried a 2600 but i guess that 3300x will be a lot better for gaming
  5. 3 3300x its a small monster Got both 3 3300X and 5 3600 . Game performance is about same .Even scores in tomb raider..
  6. If you dont have a need for a laptop go for stationary PC .. More bang for the buck ... If something in a laptop dies you are fu****.. EXPENSIVE to fix .. And not all can be fixed If PC dies .. well buy new part and fix it...
  7. oz3bto

    Lil Mønster

    Well case is a bit bigger than expected but really easy to build in The big fan in front is a bit loud .. But DAMT it can move some air when it goes full power Easy to fit liquid cooling.. Done in less than 5 min.. My 970 is like .. really old.. Got it from my nephew 2 years ago.. And he had it for some years too .. Got it when it was just released.. Still runs smooth´n cool (repaste less than 3month ago) But this is not my "gamer" .. Got a 5 3600 with better gfx 2 x m.2 .. 32gb ram
  8. oz3bto

    Lil Mønster

    Had a need for a new PC for my workshop/mancave Daliy use is youtube/FB/Netflix wasting time Light gaming (NFS or streaming steam games from my gamer) Ryzen 3 3300 Cooler Master ML240L (Maby overkill but a lot of dust in the air) MSI B450m pro m.2 max Cosair TX650 M Cosair LPX 3200mhz 16gb (2x8) PNY NMWe m.2 250gb 500gb kingston SSD 2TB seagate barracuda And my good old GTX 970 Strix All put in a Thermaltake core V21 Just waiting for one last thing .. Som Monster drink stickers LOVE the green light
  9. Its normal for ryzen .. Have 3 3300 and 5 3600 its same even with overkill liquid cooling .. I know one way to "fix" it .. OC 3 3300 is on 4.4ghz and 5 3600 on 4.2ghz.. No spikes
  10. Well do you really need 32gb ram ? Take out the low mhz ram and go full mhz on the fast ram ....
  11. Aqua, lactic acid, alcohol, sodium hydroxide, sodium C14-17 alkyl sec sulfonate, ethoxylated alcohol C10 8 EO, sodium citrate, sodium malate, coco-glucoside, caprylyl/capryl glucoside. Well not the best thing .. But if you dont have anything else ....... I use wipes for glasses.. The brand i use have isopropylalcohol on it .. works perfect
  12. If you get a board that need CPU to update bios.. You can use a Athlon CPU to update board .. If its a MSI board you can borrow a athlon cpu from MSI
  13. Well ill check out 5500 and 5600XT .. I like my gamer just as it is.... If the AMD card works nice with no problems .. Next card for gamer will be AMD
  14. I have a "slave" PC .. low workload but runs 24/7.. Now GPU died (Some old 2gb card) wanna try new AMD in it .. I my "gamer" i have a GTX 1660Ti .. If i go AMD in slavePC what card to buy to match the GTX card ? Slave PC is used for light gaming .. Old driving games NFS and CS:GO so no need for highpower .. Cheap but as good as my 1660Ti