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  1. The cable has 8 pins or 6 pins I dont remember, so it has 2 pins that are not together with the others? Or is it broken
  2. Let's be honest, most likely fresh windows install won't help "fixing" the temps. After I do that, what do you recommend me to do ?
  3. You think it will affect the temperatures O.O? I mean my temps should be 15-20c lower than I get now, idk if windows fresh installation will fix it o.o I did activate it again by writing the key down, should I FULLY Fresh install it ?
  4. Got myself new Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte b450 aorus m, Cooler master hyper 212 red turbo, Gskill 2x8gb 3200mhz, Phanteks P300 Eclipse white temp glass. And took out the GPU, PSU, HDD, SSD from my previous pc (1.5 yo). I Built it 3 days ago, and it works. looks good and just works. but works weird. Idle CPU temp on desktop jumps between 45-60 and sometimes when browsing web it jumps to 70's and jumps all cores sometimes to 1.475v max. also the CPU Cooler RPM jumps to 1600 (max) randomly even at 50c. OCCT Test on CPU for 15min maxed out temp was 85-88. 2 other times I did a
  5. Im in desktop, gtx 1070ti strix, drivers up to date, but fans go up instantly to 1000+- rpm randomly every 3-5 secs and im just on desktop with hwinfo censors running and OCCT (not running a test)
  6. I have this B450 Aorus M motherboard, and I have the latest (f50) bios, I see around the internet people have a different looking bios , with different options for example they have CPU Vcore, and I don't. Why so ?
  7. Do you recommend to take off the cooler, clean the cpu off the paste and put new thermal paste?
  8. I guess I did yea, but I did remount my CPU cooler, should I take off the cooler again but this time take off the old paste (2 days old) and put new one ?
  9. why does it do that, even if I don't touch my pc, just leave it on desktop, my voltage and fan speed jumps up to max, for no reason. and why OCCT found like 320 errors O.O in just 5 mins?