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    Studying Cyber Security at Penn. State


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    AMD A12 9700p (in the laptop)
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    AMD Radeon R8 M445DX (in the laptop)
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  1. Two things that might sound simple but I just want to make sure: 1. in Voice and Video make sure Input is you mic and output is the headset or speakers. 2. Did you by chance install something like VBcable or a soundboard?
  2. The mint discord app works great using it on Mint 20 (cinnamon) right now. Just use software manager.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if he focuses more on Blue Origin (His spaceflight company).
  4. What are you thinking GPU wise? Two mid priced GPUs in Crossfire/SLI? Maybe two RX 5700x or RTX 2060?
  5. You can certainly play older and less demanding games. But you would struggle with most modern games on anything other than Low settings. It may be time for a moderate upgrade. (coming from someone with only slightly higher specs.)
  6. A great site to use is https://pcpartpicker.com/ it will help you organize your list into something you can just link to while alerting you to most comparability issues.
  7. This might help, https://youtu.be/DKwA7ygTJn0
  8. I hope the higher ends up with RDNA1 graphics, looking to upgrade from an old A8 in a small form factor build.
  9. Does Google Podcasts work the same way (I Use Spotify so I don't know)?
  10. The Bards Tale, Rome: Total War, Company of Heroes, Tropico, ATOM RPG, and This War of Mine/Stories.
  11. That seems like a good pairing but, don't expect to reach 144 fps in Cyberpunk2077 otherwise, you should be fine.
  12. https://wccftech.com/intel-rocket-lake-s-11th-gen-core-cpu-lineup-specs-leak-out-flagship-core-i9-11900k/
  13. This gen I9 was 10 cores next gen is back to 8 cores (a dumb decision but, true)