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  1. My brother has a gaming pc that he built before he recently started working a lot more, that just largely idles (800 miles away). I normally work on a laptop, but occasionally do some some Archviz rendering so we had discussed the potential of using his idling PC with a RTX 2080 Super to do some of my rendering. I like the idea of setting up a VM that I could potentially remote into as needed without affecting his usage of the machine. The main questions I have. 1.) Is there a way to use dynamic resource allocation so that my VM was not artificially limited when th
  2. I am helping a friend (very non-technical) upgrade the monitors at his doctor office and I am running into a bit of an issue settling on the appropriate setup for his private office. He has 2-3 windows open all the time and could benefit from the screen real estate, but the majority of the discussion at 49" is obviously based around gaming. If you were going to use one for productivity would you opt for any particular model or features? It would be connected to one of these ASUS PN50-BBR033MD Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System - Micro Center
  3. I live in an area that according to all the cell phone coverage maps has 100% coverage, but everyone with T-mobile has issues when they come to my house (even outside). After looking at coverage maps from a lot of different places it has me curious if everyone is using the same data and formatting it different and more importantly if there is actually somewhere I can look at an accurate coverage map for the different services. Any suggestions?
  4. I need computer access for lightweight computing in 4-5 areas at home and trying to figure out if there is a better way to go about it than buy a bunch of individual computers for light computing/web browsing. Everything is hardwired with gigabit Ethernet and I was wondering if it is even remotely feasible to consider some type of home server & thin client configuration or if it's just not enough terminals to make it practical?