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  1. Dear do u have any solution, That's file is very imported to me.
  2. Okay let me try, And Plz explain easier if possible than you
  3. Please some one help me to recover my files. I just install my old laptop hard disk to my pc and after install I just format my old laptop HDD c drive and every hidden files (excel, Videos, image) showing locked on that drive and showing this error code 0x80071771. I tried google and I also follow that Blog post I tried there every methods still not working. Please Some one help, And What If I reset my pc it can help?
  4. Can You Suggest me Pc with new built, sorry to say AMD components Hard to find in my area IF I want to buy AMD I hv to travel almost 500km from home.
  5. My friend recently build a pc with i5 10th gen but he is facing same rendering prlm. After here that I am really don't know what to do! I lost many customer for the slow render.
  6. Can You suggest me any CPU(without changing Motherboard)?
  7. No, not from us, I just tell the price in us dollars
  8. I hv saved some money around $350. That's my max budget
  9. you are increasing my budget If I accept your suggesting I hv to change the motherboard also.
  10. I use After Effect, Premier pro for editing and for rendering I use Adobe Media Encoder.
  11. I am using after effect cc 2018 for my video editing. II am not a gamer, Few hours ago, I hv done a live chat with NVidia they sent this link(bottleneck test website I don't know why) they said 1050ti is good for me but in my county 1050ti not available.
  12. I am totally confuse now after long research. what to do? but really I want to upgrade my gpu from 1030 to 1660ti or 2060/2070
  13. Does bottleneck impact my after effect 4k 60fps video rendering? I am wondering to buy a new GPU. My choice GTX 1660 TI/Super or RTX 2060/70 don't know what to do it there any solution guys or can you have a suggestion plz let me know) windows 10 Pro i5 7400 Western Digital Green 240GB SSD Toshiba 1TB HDD 7200RPM Ram Corsair Vengeance LPX (8*8)=16GB DDR4 2400 MHz 1030 low profile 2gb
  14. I am probably forcing my cpu to render my 10 sec videos and What if I use 8gb with another 16gb (total 24GB) same power as my old 8gb ram, and should I buy the gtx 1660 super?
  15. Is GTX 1660 super good for 4k video editing and rendering? (After Effect) My PC Config i5 7400 WD 240 GB SSD Toshiba 1TB HDD (7200RPM) Ram Corsair Vengeance 8gb 2400mhz
  16. I play game but not as much. like 3 or 4 PUBG match in a week. I work in Photoshop and illustrator for design sometimes I use after effect. Photoshop and illustrator 2018 cc work smoothly but when I try to run After Effect preview or render a video it turn into a nightmare. Thats why I am researching.
  17. Can I upgrade my gpu to rtx 2060? what would you suggest I will upgrade that gpu in this last of the year and I will change the psu as requirement.
  18. I am not an expert as said before I have Corsair CV450 450Watt PSU and using ZOTAC GT 1030 2Gb thats all I know.(as supplier said.)