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  1. I really hope it is the problem of the ram because then I can fix it by upgrading my rig. I'm more concerned if its a software issue because then I wouldn't know how to solve it. Any benchmark apps recommended?
  2. 1 to 2 years old and yes I have checked all of the drivers. I've installed and reinstalled them
  3. Yes its a 4GB DDR4 and it is a Single Channel memory. When I run Dota the ram goes up to 92 and 93 percent. I suspect the bottleneck is the ram as well but does a ram has this much affect in fps performance?
  4. Yes I've done all of those and did what I could based on what i found on the internet but nothing seems to be working
  5. Recently bought an Acer NItro 5 gaming computer and after some installation I ran some games on it. To my surprise the games didn't run as I expected them to be. Opened Dota 2 and it was hitting around 50 to 70 fps average on high settings. It is supposed to run on at least 100fps on high settings. I saw a lot of youtube videos online watching the laptop easily hitting well over 100fps on Dota 2. The laptop has a core I5 9300H processor with a Gtx 1650 and has a 4GB DDR4 ram installed. It has a 512gb ssd storage. I've tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling