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  1. I can see it helping to make it smaller but not cheaper. The amount of development it takes to make a custom connector is repetitively light in the world of computers but still a huge undertaking. However you can pick up a refurbished z640 like the one I found for 500-600usd while the new version is 2000-3000usd.
  2. It's not PCIe, its those 4 large gray blocks with a bunch of holes, I doubt if PCIe would even have enough bandwidth for something like this. You can also see a 20pin power connector in the lower left of the image.
  3. It didn't feel that heavy but the case had a steal slot for the whole thing to slide into
  4. that makes sense, nowadays I would just use VMs for that but I get the feeling this is kinda old.
  5. So there I was at work taking calls, replacing RAM, swapping power supplies, and updating tickets, when I get a call to replace a bad hard drive. I go over there I power off the computer, tear out all the plugs in the back, pull out the computer, and open the side panel. Only to find the strangest expansion card I have ever come across. At first I thought it was some weird GPU with modular RAM and a CPU heat sink but it turned out to be a completely separate board from the GPU with a desktop CPU and 4 memory slots. The entire computer was built around this card with a custom expansion slot on
  6. Yea, the proprietary ram and power connectors got to me but if you wanted a cheap starting point that you could upgrade both HP and Dell business computers were good starting points. Now they make the business PCs with an itx board and external power brick that has no expansion slot even if the case had space. Part of the reason the laptops have no "bulk" to them anymore is because they want to make them thinner and lighter. If your looking for that "solid" feel I would recommend finding a 13in laptop with a metal body. The metal will help ad weight and along with the small size re
  7. yes, if you quote or tag someone it will ping them in addition to the OP and anyone following the thread.
  8. I tried telling him to return it but he is happy with it. Funny part is I'm getting ready to sell one for about what he spent that is way better. If he had talked to me first I would have just sent it to him. I'm used to working with Dell and HP computers but even those are at least cable managed.
  9. So my brother thought he found a deal for a computer and decided to go for it without checking with me or my dad who both build computers for a living the day before Nvidia "officially" announced RTX 3000. Now I don't blame him for this, he likes to be independent and does not follow tech news, I would consider him an average consumer in that sense. My problem is with what MSI sent him. The longer I look at the photo he sent me the worse it becomes and I was wondering if this is normal now. At this point I am just praying that there is an SSD somewhere that I can't see. (Sorry I don't know the
  10. The specs are impressive, even if you don't use the RTX cores for ray tracing or AI processing of some sort it still blows away 20xx cards no problem.
  11. It is possible for batteries to overheat however propping up the back just allows more airflow which is mostly just going to affect your cpu and gpu temps. A overheating cpu will definitely shut your computer off if things like throttling are not keeping it cool enough. Normally this is not an issue until your cpu is above 100F but some do it at lower temps and I am unfamiliar with your specific cpu. If you have not already done so I would try some fresh quality thermal past (I like Thermal Grizzly) and a good cleaning to make sure there is no dust in the system.
  12. That might be the cheapest router I have ever seen but yes that is the general idea.
  13. I have not used any of them myself. Arctic is popular or you could look at the thermal transfer rates. This is also a purchase that will improve you computer performance for a year or two, so an extra few bucks may not be the worst thing in the world.
  14. yes but be ready to pay for high speed ones Here is a slower 700Mb/s one https://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Ethernet-Gigabit-10-100-1000-Compatible/dp/B00AQM8586