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  1. The internet says it's 220W psu guess now I really need to replace it with a 500 or 400W. Anyways, thx for the help
  2. The model nu,ber of my psu is FH-ZD221MGR . it's from HP. I didn't see a 6 pin connector tho.
  3. is that wriiten on the power supply? like the model. cuz my power supply was pre installed when I bought the pc
  4. Hp 350W power supply, Gigabytes 650 ti 1 gb , 55$ and I'm from Pakistan (not sure if that matters lol)
  5. So, I have a 350W power supply, intel core i5-2400, 2 sticks of ram ( 4 gigs each), A hard Disk of 500gb and I want to buy a gtx 650 ti 1gb. I wanted to know if it will work with my powersupply or not. Please help me