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  1. https://www.amd.com/en/products/apu/amd-ryzen-3-3200g It says hdmi: yes display port: yes. but nothing about dvi-d or vga.
  2. is it ryzen 3000 out of the box compatible, cause the max series from msi is, thats why I choose it
  3. Another question, amd says that the 3200g supports only hdmi and display port. Can i still use 1 hdmi port for my tv and one dvi for my moitor, even tought it isn't "supported"?
  4. Hello, I want to buy the Msi b450m PRO-VDH MAX and I want to know if it can support multiple displays at the same time (2 in total, 1 through hdmi and the other through vga/dvi) I'm using integrated graphics (vega from the 3200g. Can I even use 2 monitors with this processor or with this motherboard?? Thanks
  5. So, do you think that the dvi port on the motherboard is going to output a signal so I can put the adapter? But then I won't need the adapter 'cause the dvi port works and i can simply use a dvi-dvi cable. My question is if the motherboard is going to output a signal through the dvi port (or vga, but i won't use it), because amd only gives support on the ryzen 3 3200g display port and hdmi. I'm going to use hdmi for my tv and the board doesn't have display port, so I'm asking if the board is even able to output a signaal through the dvi port (vga). Thank you still for your time in answeri
  6. I haven't bought the parts yet. I want to make sure that it works 'cause my tv only has hdmi inputs, so i want to use dvi for the monitor.
  7. is the sharkoon dg7000-g a good case? Is the mb511 (without rgb) a good case? which one is better for a budget build or could you recommend any low budget cases? Thank you
  8. Hello, I've seen that the ryzen 3 3200g only supports hdmi and display port (I'm using vega 8). These two are digital signas, as well as dvi-d, so is it possible to use a monitor via dvi-d? I want to connect my tv via hdmi and my monitor via dvi (cause the motherboard has only hdmi, dvi and vga). So is this setup even possible? Can I get a video output trough the dvi port to my monitor (dvi-d to dvi-d) and have a second separate signal through hdmi to my tv, so I can have a multiple "monitor" setup? Thank you a lot!
  9. Hi, I want to build my first pc and my budget is between 500€ and 700€. I play usually games like fortnite and minecraft. I live in Spain. I don't need a lot of storage space (just 500gb ssd and it doesn't need to be nvme 'cause i'm using now an hdd and the jump to an ssd is significant and I won't really notice the nvme) if I need later more than 500gb, I'll buy a 1tb hdd. I like amd more than intel. The brand of the gpu is not relevant to me. I'm a bit new to this so what do you recommend me to buy guys? Thank you
  10. Hello, i'm going to buy the ryzen 3 3200g and amd says that the System Memory Specification is 2933MHz. I want to buy the corsair 2x8gb vengeance lpx. I'm just not sure if I should buy the 3000MHz variant (because the system memory specification from the 3200g is 2933MHz and 3000 is close) or the 3200MHz (because ryzen loves memory). I don't even know if I buy the 3200MHz variant the ryzen 3 3200g could use more than 2933MHz and it was a waste of money. So my question is if the ryzen 3 3200g would make use of 3200 MHz or if it even works with xmp profile enabled. Should I buy the 3000 MHz or t
  11. And what advantages gives multithreading? I understand that it uses multiple cores or threads (don't know) simultaneously. When I usually play Minecraft I don't do anything else, and when I watch youtube I usually just watch youtube. I do't do multipke tasks at once. Will I still benefit from that feature?
  12. I'm going to buy this. I have looked at this model for some time now and I've watched many reviews and I totally agree that this is the best motherboard for the price and it's features.
  13. I have researched that the difference between the 3200g and the 3400g isn't that big. the 3400g is just better in multiple tasks at the same time and I usually don't do multiple things at the same time. The other comonenets are very similar with the ones I looked up. And if I have more money before the day i'm going to buy everything, I'll get the one with the 1600 af and the rx 570 or (580). Thank you