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    PC and car/truck building and such
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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asus Tuf Gaming b450-m plus
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    T-Force Vulcan 16gb (2x8gb) Tuf Gaming Alliance 3200mhz DDR4
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    Nvidia GTX 1660 Super
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    Xigmatek Elysium
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    Crucial mx500
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    Corsair tx 750w
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    AMD Stealth Cooler
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    Windows 10

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  1. Have you tried your GPU in a different PC to rule out a motherboard issue?
  2. Try checking Thingiverse for a 3d print of it. If you download the STL you can probably find someone to print it for a reasonable price and you could just as easily get someone to design you one that you want specifically.
  3. I have two monitors for my work pc. When I restart my computer my main monitor works fine but the second one goes into sleep mode and wont reconnect automatically. The only fix I've found is if I disconnect the cable from my monitor and reconnect it it will recognize the monitor and connect it.
  4. Mounting holes dont matter. Use a drill or duct tape it. As for proprietary mobo connector that would be a problem
  5. That looks pretty good. Stock cooler should work fine
  6. Biggest thing will be a GPU upgrade. What's your budget? Maybe a 2060 super. Probably a better CPU as well but since you plan 6 months to upgrade you could always get a CPU later if you think you need it. As for ram I'd get at least 16 gigabytes of 3200mhz ram. You could go with a different motherboard but that's mostly just preference.
  7. Perrin

    Need help

    Is there a reason you can't just download it on both PCs? It's not a very large game. If you can't, maybe just get a small cheap SSD and use that? I don't know about USB.
  8. Depends on budget. A Ryzen 5 3600 is an upgrade on the cheaper end but you could go Ryzen 7 3700x or more depending on what you need
  9. No. Why do you care I'm not even talking to you
  10. You can cut the case to your heart's desire to make things fit. As for the power supply, you should be able to just yeet it out the system. It might look weird because it's specifically made to fit in the compaq 6300 mt case. Also maybe upgrade the ram. From what I saw online it seems not good for gaming. Compatibility with the graphics card and motherboard shouldn't be a problem
  11. Amazon should have whatever you need. If it's a specific part maybe check the manufacturer or company website
  12. Your link doesn't work but it looks interesting
  13. Yeah I have the R 5 3600 and I love it. I'd suggest a gpu upgrade in the future but if you're fine with your current one then you'll be good.
  14. Get some fans pointed at that bad boy
  15. I built my PC and only included a 500gb ssd which I'm using for windows and my games but I need more storage. Will a HDD work for gaming or do I need to go SSD? And any recommendations on a specific device to get?