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  1. yo guys, i was surfing the web for a new case, and since i am one of those guys that don't mess with water cooling, im all air cooled focused the best i can, the itx nr200p didn't turn out well temprature wise, i came across that i like, "fractal torrent", i like the design, it is a expansive case, it is a large case, it don't have wasted vented holes like many other cases, that have like 2-3 intake and 4 outake, because psu is at the bottom there will be barly any fan location there, and if there is it is pretty useless,
  2. I beleve it is enabled, it was on auto setting, if i have the correct setting,
  3. Asrock website, once installed the software said , there is a update, and go to windows store,
  4. Hey guys, i have a problem, i have a asrock b550 phantom gaming itx, but i have no audio device listed in windows device manager, except hdmi from nvidia, even installing difrent kinds of drivers didn’t help, can anyone help me ?
  5. I gone b550 for that reason , and 2nvme is nice to have , although back one is pcie 3.0, 2.5g is nice to have to for my nas, front usb-c well the nr200p don’t have it buy i can make one , I’ve seen a mod for it, also i think phantom uses the more up to date hw for b550, like bt 5.1 , all usb 3.2 ports witch is nice to have , not that i need the bandwidth but just in case, the back pannel looks so clean and organized , it is just the profile it have , it is hotter by 10c over other itx, and i don’t know if that is fixable, but why do this board
  6. Yes that was i thinking becuase the huge difference in power delivery , is that wrong for me to think like that ?,
  7. Will the 5950x perform stable with auto oc functions enabled with a 60 amp itx ?
  8. what i am looking for is a stable board that runs well with 5950x , with enough usb ports 3.x perfer usb c as they are more stable than usb a, i am facing this issue thay my usb-a 3.x dc randomly, 2.5g nic is nice to have for conmectivity with my nas, i watched a youtube of optimus tech and gigabyte is the most balanced board, ofc he use a difrent cpu
  9. People tested it that it fits https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/j4yevd/cooler_master_masterbox_nr200_with_aorus_rtx_3080/g83q0cr/
  10. hello guys, i have a question, i have a ryzen 9 5950x, along with a rtx 3080 aorus xtreme i want ot put this combo from my old large case in to a cooler master nr200p but now the question, witch board is the best for this cpu, i scrolled trough some reviews exc... B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX is a great board 8 phase 90 amps, but run quite hot , witch is not ideal in a small case but have lots of connectivity on a small board, even a usb-c front header then there is AMD B550 Mini-ITX AORUS, great board people rate this
  11. brute intake ? the front is mostly covered witch blocks alot air right ? ifc it have side vents but as many of us know, those are most likely not enough also a 120mm back fan? it must be able to keep up with the 2 large cpu fans or it would more like block the air path, so i think, and i am not in to aio's sadly ,
  12. but the intake sucks of lian li tu150, also it wont fit a 70mm gpu
  13. yes that was my plan, take air from the back blow it inside along with gpu through the top exhaust , adding diust filter will reduce intake to though, and yes i was planning tg , but if i realy have no other choice, then yeah vented side panel reason tg panel, well ofc for the display of gpu,and because it lowers noice, the nhu12a is 158.. that wont fit right ?
  14. yo guys, i want to get a smaller case, thing is i saw the nr200p but i don't get it i see many discussions of what tower cooler fit and fit not, but that is wierd the once that do fit exceed the height of nr200p while the once shorter don't fit in.... so any of you have experienced with it ? i want the tg model the thing is i have a supper fat gpu, 70mm / 7cm , you guessed it, gigabytes aorus 3080 xtreme, thing is the shop where i ordered the evga xc3 from told me i could get this for the same price because i was waiting almost a year , so i thought why not
  15. yo guys , another question, is there an app like HBS3 from qnap? that app works good that i like it , i tried dupplicati but it isnt near hbs3 the way it uploads is not the way i wanted it , it zip all files so if i update or delete a file it have to re-create it and upload it again, it don't upload it the way as i have it on my hdd either, where hbs3 upload it the way it is and encrypt the files without zipping them so that it can replace the missing files or update a particulair file without having to re-upload the whole thing,
  16. you're indeed right, damn that i didnt notice that, thanks, now it works but it only works like 2/5 times i tried
  17. Hello guys , i came from a simple nas to unraid , but i tried asking some support on their forums but no reaction, so i try here and hope someone can help me i created a keyfile, i set up a mobile frp on a useless android phone, i copied the file with filezilla to my phone as this video explains i’ve done all this, i set this line in the go file and saved it, wget --user=KuroUNRAID --password='****' -0 /root/keyfile i reboot unraid , but it keep saying missing keyfile and it automaticly is set on passphase
  18. hello guys, it is my first time using unraid, since i have a qnap TS-673 nas but dont have enough drive slots, i was planning to make a nas of my left over hardware, ASRock x570 Pro4 Ryzen 7 3700x Aorus 1080 Ti 32GB DDR4 3600mhz (4x8) Corsair Vengeance Seasonic Focus PX-750 2x 1tb Sam Evo 970 1TB m.2 NVMe (i think in raid 1 see screenshot) i somehow got the unraid installed and running, i have a problem with is dupplicati, i somehow can not find my test folder to see if i do it the right way to backup to the cloud,
  19. Yes, something like that in 2021
  20. K thx, and sorry i mis readed it, also do you guys happen to know any case like stacker tc-01?
  21. But that is on 8 lanes right ? But the bottom slot from the looks of it is 4 lanses, so that means i will get 2GBps right ?
  22. I see, thats a 8lane , but the port is 4 lane, and over 8hdds will it even perform well?
  23. Why ? Bcuz i have no apu, and maby to game on vm ?