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    papiinaction reacted to aimjy in Port Forwarding for Minecraft   
    To recap this is your set-up:
    Internet -> ISP router ( port 25565 to ORBI IP on port 25565) -> ORBI (port 25565 to your machine IP on port 25565) on both TCP and UDP?
    This looks fine to me, so I would look into the firewall like LamoidZobieDog suggested.
    But yeah, with the little information given, we can only make guesses about what might be the issue.
    To debug this, I would suggest you to try connecting step by step. First see if you can access the server localy in the first place, if it does then try to connect another machine to your ORBI network and see if you can connect to your minecraft server, if yes then you know your server is running properly. Then you connect your machine to your ISP router, and try to access your server by using the ORBI ip. If it works, then the ORBI is configured properly. Lastly, ask a friend to connect to your public IP to your server, if he is still unable to connect to you, then there might be an issue on your router configuration itself or with your ISP. Some ISP uses double NAT due to the IPv4 shortages, and thus in order to have a server, you would need to contact your ISP to ask them to port forward their NAT. (Which might not be possible, due to policy reasons...?). If the latter is true, then there is not a lot you can do, and might have to resort to solutions such as hamachi...
    What you also can try is using IPv6 if your ISP supports it. Then you only need to allow incoming traffic on both routers on port 25565. Then use the IPv6 global address of your minecraft machine to connect to. However I'm not familiar with Windows at all, so you might have to look it up.
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    papiinaction reacted to LamoidZombieDog in Port Forwarding for Minecraft   
    Since you didnt explain, id assume You are running Stock MC or Spigot in a CMD Window on Windows 10? And You have Allowed these Ports to go through Completely in Windows Firewall and in Your Router? 
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    papiinaction reacted to Nayr438 in Minecraft Linux Server   
    Really anything Linux. Ubuntu Server and CentOS are good options. If you need a Desktop Environment, I would probably grab Lubuntu or Xubuntu.
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    papiinaction reacted to manikyath in Minecraft Linux Server   
    Xubuntu is a good place to start, it's low enough overhead, and still mostly familiar enough to windows users.
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    papiinaction got a reaction from jaydeejoy in I need help with Microsoft apps   
    So earlier this week I reinstalled windows after my SSD decided that it no longer exists on it and after doing this my Microsoft apps aren't working, I use the windows store to download Minecraft bedrock edition, Netflix and Spotify, and the photos app to view my files but non of them work. I have tried uninstalling all of them but that doesn't work either. I really don't want to have to do a full SSD wipe and then reset again
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    papiinaction reacted to jaydeejoy in I need help with Microsoft apps   
    Same here. instaled fresh windows 10 (19042.906) Microsoft apps doesnt work (mail , to do list news etc.) if i uninstal any microsoft app from pc (like mail) i cant install again. i found some solution about reinstall (powrshell commands), i can reinstall apps but they still  dosent work.