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  1. I uninstalled MineOS and made a script to do what I was using MineOS to do I was just lazy and tried to take the easy way out. What I was reading on forums is that is has a lot of problems so I just went back to Debian.
  2. Thank you both, I got the port forward working, I'm using MineOS to run my minecraft server but every time I connect to the web ui via local ip address my whole internet connection goes until I close the tab anyone knows what could cause this.
  3. So ive setup my minecraft server but port forwarding is giving me an issue so our network uses the isp provided router and then an orbi mesh network i have tried forwarding the port on the orbi and then portforward on the isp router with the orbi ip address it still doesnt work and yes it in the operating system the port that its on is allowed though the firewall both tcp and udp
  4. I may go with ubuntu server because 1 I'm bored and 2 I like figuring things out thank you both.
  5. Anyone has any suggestions on what OS would be good to make a low power Minecraft server. The pc I'm using has an Intel Core i5-3360M, 8GB DDR3 Ram and a 500 GB hard drive. This is not permanent its just for me and my little niece to play on temporarily.
  6. So I've recently bought a pair of KZ es4's and tried to test the mic on my computer in a discord call but when I used it persons on the call could hear them selves echo clearly. My pc is a HP 650 g2 and it only has one audio jack that does both input and output anyone has any suggestion how to fix this I've tried other earphones with my pc and its the same thing but when trying them on a MacBook pro it works just fine.
  7. So earlier this week I reinstalled windows after my SSD decided that it no longer exists on it and after doing this my Microsoft apps aren't working, I use the windows store to download Minecraft bedrock edition, Netflix and Spotify, and the photos app to view my files but non of them work. I have tried uninstalling all of them but that doesn't work either. I really don't want to have to do a full SSD wipe and then reset again
  8. ok but is there a way for me to disable this ?
  9. Hey I am using a Huawei P9 Plus and every time I use Whatsapp and discord my device audio is played back to the other persons on the other end of the call, for example, they can hear my music, their own voice, a youtube video etc and I am using the earphones provided with the phone all the time it happens. I am really confused
  10. the problem is idont see the driver anymore and i have been looking for it sry i forgot to include that information \
  11. Ok so I have a Hp Probook 6570b which has windows 10 installed on it. But a few days ago i tried connecting my bluetooth speaker which i have used on my pc many times before ithe bluetooth action in the action centre is missing and ive tried troubleshooting but it is showing that this device has no bluetooth capability anyone can help me to solve this issue please.