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  1. Personally have noticed using both, DDC pumps tend to run louder than d5s. If I have the option I'll always choose a d5. Can't say for sure as I haven't seen every d5 on the market, but DDC tend to be more compact as well. Works great if there's clearance issues. Even if space is a limiting factor.
  2. It's always nice having a spare gpu. Especially if you get into building rigs.
  3. Copied and pasted the specs from Instagram so I didn't have to type it again. Wiring isn't completed at this time. Hooked it up quick to run some benchmarks and ensure everything was working properly. Thanks all! First time poster, long time LTT fan. Hardware: - @amd Ryzen 3950x - @asrock_official x570 Aqua - @hyperx Predator 32 GB 3600 CL17 - @asus @rog_na Strix 2080 Ti OC Edition (x2) - ASUS ROG 3 Slot Bridge - @teamevga 1300 G2+ PSU - @kingstontechnology KC2000 NVMe 1 TB (x2) - Kingston UV500 SSD 2 TB (x3 in raid0) - @phanteks Enthoo 719 _______