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  1. Nice I sit in the same room as a noisy Cisco 2900 series router. Planning on doing a similar mod at some point.
  2. So it was bothering me that the i7 9700F would never be used to its full potential with that H310 board - the power delivery just isn't there not to mention any other handicaps with the chipset. So I asked my friend if we could put in a Z390 board and he said I could. I also had a 64GB Kit which I couldn't fit in my system when using a NH-D15 as it was too high so I replaced his RAM too. Finally I added an Asus PCE-AC51 wifi card which seems to work well during testing. I could have continued upgrading. For example the new motherboard can support M.2 NVME at higher speeds instead s
  3. RAM timings in BIOS. Look on YouTube videos for your motherboard and ram tuning and you should get some results.
  4. Have you unticked the maximum box? You don't have to populate it with anything.
  5. As for the memory speed, I haven't ever played with Zen based AMD buy from what I have seen in forums such as this is memory is a lot more fussy than on Intel systems. You maybe able to manually tune your ram to a higher clock speed.
  6. Copied from Aapuls.com but many other sites show same resolution: This option in Windows is used to reserve RAM that is used during the boot procedure when your system is turning on. By default, it may permanently and unnecessarily reserve a significantly large amount of RAM for it. To set that right, Press and Hold the Windows key and Press R. Type msconfig in the Run dialog box and Press Enter. The System Configuration window will open. Go to the Boot tab in it. Select your Operating system from the list below if you have more than one. Now Click on the Advanced Options
  7. Interesting you got insurance on it. Was it just on the household insurance or did you have some specialist equipment cover?
  8. I bet someone will sell you one down the pub for £250 - if only the pubs were open
  9. Oh dear. Expect this thread to glow white hot in minutes. Pea sized blob in the middle every time. Used same method on Intel CPUs countless times. As for removing, I spray a little contact cleaner in the middle of the chip to soften it then use one of those wet wipes to clean it off.
  10. Get that CR2032 out of there first off - looks like it is now leaking. Then I would spray a ton of contact cleaner on it - let it evaporate and see what happens when you look it up. Get the roof fixed too, that would be my first priority.
  11. Added some LED strip lighting in the front corner and top of the case for some better illumination.
  12. 100% air cooling FTW.
  13. Basically he wants the latest and greatest. No one should have to justify why they want it - after all we don't need these systems generally, we just want them. I went from an RTX2080 to an RTX2080Ti just to match up the RGB. Why "settle" for the 3080, go for the 3090, you only live once!
  14. Nice rigs. I used to sell AMD CPUs and systems back in the late 90s. Now in a corporate IT world I am aligned with team blue. Including my home rig - also not the greatest but does all I need. Looking at your story I think we must be similar ages give or take a few years. I was born in 1980. It's impossible to be the fastest all the time unless you have silly money laying around but you generally find people with plenty of money don't waste it on buying a new pc every year - that's why they have so much money!
  15. There is a website https://www.saynoto0870.com/ which gives you the geographic number for a given company. Useful for mobile users especially who will often pay nothing for 01 / 02 numbers if they have a free minutes bundle with their phone contract.
  16. Lay it on its back, motherboard down, GPU up, it will be fine if you pack it in so it doesn't slide around.
  17. A1200

    Ham radio

    If you do go training route, still get the official books though as any instruction should follow the official syllabus.
  18. A1200

    Ham radio

    Last point I should mention how I passed. I did all three licence categories in the same year (I believe the USA has 3 too). How I did it I joined a local club. They put on classes which I did and passed each level 1st time. It's not for everyone and some clubs might be too far away or they may not host training sessions but that's how I did it anyway.
  19. A1200

    Testing mdr 7506

    Wow tapes. Very cool dude. Was a ferric Vs metal tape discussion going on throughout my youth. Ferric was cheaper and poorer quality but metal tape caused more wear on the head. Miss those days.
  20. A1200

    Ham radio

    That's cool wasn't going to assume you are in the USA. I would start with the official books that way you learn for the exam. Beyond to that there's a zillion books on ham radio. Dummies does one and it is very US centric. Plenty of content on YouTube and so on. If you just want to get on the air study to pass not to learn everything, you can pick up subjects in more detail later - over learning is a thing when studying for any exam. As Morpheus said "free your mind".