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    Asus Prime Z370-A
  • RAM
    32GB Crucial Ballistix @ 3200MHz
  • GPU
    1060 6GB
  • Case
    Fractal Meshify C
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    Corsair H100i Platinum SE (the white one with the pretty fans)

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  1. Look at pro players' streams, I've seen even 9900k/2080ti that drop significantly lategame. On youtube ItsJerian has a few videos on all kinds of different settings you can tweak to help your fps.
  2. Not sure what's going on, not great with Windows, but back up your data now while you still have the chance.
  3. I'm typing on a HyperX Alloy FPS Pro right now. It's clicky and loud (I have the Cherry MX Blue version) and built like a tank. I like it. Only red LED's, no RGB, but currently less than half the price of the HyperX Alloy Origins ten key version.
  4. How bad do you want raytracing? From wiki the 1070ti has 2432:152:64:0 shaders:texture units:render units:raytracing units and the 2080 has 2944:184:46:368, plus the 2080's just newer. The 2080's a definite step up, whether that much performance is worth the investment (with or without a waterblock) with the 3000's probably coming out this year is up to you.
  5. Good luck! I'm not sure how you test a PSU. If your motherboard was literally burnt from overvoltage near the power connector I'd be very worried, if you lost a single stick of RAM I'd be less worried.
  6. And before you remove your cooler you can just wiggle/reseat all 4 sticks the best you can just in case there's some seating issue. It's worth the 30 seconds to try.
  7. I would. And if you have some RAM you know is good, or if you can test the RAM you're using in another computer to see if it works that's even better. It's no fun to remove the cooler, and you introduce a new possible problem of the CPU becoming seated improperly, but you need to test it. You have 4 sticks of RAM and 4 slots they're in, that's 8 possible points of failure. I would try 1 stick of known good RAM in each of the 4 slots with no hard drives, gpu's, etc. connected. Just absolute bare-bones system with the minimum possible requirements to POST and get into your BIOS.
  8. You've tried just plain motherboard with no hard drives, no SSD's, no GPU's, just one stick of known working RAM and nothing else? From other forums code A2 can even be caused by a poorly seated stick of RAM. The goal is to remove everything not necessary to get into the BIOS and once you get there start adding things back until it breaks again, then you know what to troubleshoot.
  9. Is your hard-drive full/are you maxing out your memory capacity? You could be having I/O issues in the background With the age of your hardware you could easily have some dust buildup in your heatsinks Running antivirus/malware detection software might be wise as well
  10. What do you plan on doing with the computer? A 3900X is way beefy unless you're doing some real heavy stuff. Spending $1,000 on a CPU/motherboard combo probably goes beyond "enthusiast" level PC's and kind of breaks into high-end desktop (HEDT) or professional workstation territory. If all you want is something that will last 3-4 years you don't need to spend that much money.
  11. I'm assuming you're on Windows? You'll probably need to post which version, etc. before somebody can help you. Just know going in that Optimus has been a huge pain for a lot of people so it may take some work to get it to do what you want. I have more experience with (not) getting it to work with Linux where it's been famously difficult. 8 years after this video and it still only kind of works. The only advice I can give is update all of your drivers/software, make sure you're plugged into the wall and make sure all of your settings are set to 'performance' where appl
  12. I had a 212 in my Fractal Meshify C for a year or so, it fit fine. I'm still happy with the case, fwiw.
  13. Absolutely. Looks like depending on your configuration you could go 2x120 or 2x140 on the front of your case. One thing you can do is test your thermals with your side panel off - if your thermals improve you need better fans. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Cases/Crystal-Series-280X-RGB/p/CC-9011137-WW
  14. Yeah, he's a smart guy. He's been streaming his build all day and I've been stepping through it with him, I'm gone for like 5 or 10 minutes, I come back and it's like "dude, we have a problem." But I can see what he was thinking. He needed to remove something, there were screws near it, he had a screwdriver right there....
  15. In some sense, if two people did this in a week it kind of suggests a design flaw. I can see why they both would think "oh I'll just remove the screws" but what can Corsair do? Maybe torx screws or something?