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  1. All of those are applications, but none of them are "App"s
  2. uhh what? That's not how it works dude. Yes, all the individual Unix commands are separately written. Most of them are not apps, they are terminal only. Usually when you say something is an "app", it's a tangible thing that you toss around and run from Finder and the like, but sudo just sits in your /usr/bin folder, being there for anything that needs it. Also it has nothing to do with the GUI.
  3. On macOS, "app" usually means at the very least what's called a "bundle". A bundle is a generic term for the format that .app folders use. Sudo is not a bundle at all, so it's far from being an app. It's just a binary. A program. A command. But not an app.
  4. I don't think the people making these writeups have any idea what they're talking about. Sudo has nothing to do with apps, and is not an app. It's a command-line utility used for escalating privileges. And yes, macOS has had sudo since it became a fork of Darwin, which I believe has been the case since the very first 10.0 release. It's no surprise that it has sudo, and it's also no surprise that it... hasn't been removed in recent versions? The entire developer community would collectively throw a giant hissy fit if Apple decided to remove sudo, as it's such an essential tool for l
  5. This laptop understands me. Not everything has to be thin and light. Fuck that trend.
  6. I tried it, and nothing changed... disk still isn't recognized if you unplug it and plug it back in.
  7. That isn't the problem. I'm not trying to recover data, I'm trying to get the SSD to retain it.
  8. I actually included a bit about vapor chambers, you see. I said something as small as a kink isn't something to worry about, but I suppose I didn't mention what would happen if you did bend up a vapor chamber. There are proper tools for doing this, but if you just torque it in half, yes you will absolutely ruin its thermal performance. I suppose when you say "kink", you mean something that impacts the volume inside. That's reasonable. I think OP just means there's a visual 'crease' on the surface, which shouldn't noticeably affect anything thermally as far as I know.
  9. Turn it off, first of all. GSync is the same as VSync, just a proprietary version for Nvidia monitors. If you want 220 FPS when your monitor is only 144Hz, you definitely don't want those frames getting limited. Second of all, have you compared your screen resolution to that video you're referring to? Maybe if your screen is bigger, your GPU has to work harder per frame. If your game is in fullscreen mode (which it has to be if you want to fully utilize your GPU), you could try turning down the resolution a bit.
  10. Are any of its cousins, like GSync or FreeSync or etc. enabled?
  11. Just a wild guess here, is "VSync" on? That prevents the game from rendering more FPS than your monitor can display.
  12. As long as it doesn't break, I don't think it'll be a problem at all. Even if you straight up bent it in half - copper still intact, heat still transfers. If you're looking to actually bend your heatpipes in half in the future, don't. But a kink? It's harmless, only cosmetic.
  13. No, heat pipes transfer heat, as long as the pipe itself is intact and thermally conductive it will work just fine. Even if you folded it into a pretzel, it would still transfer heat. I wouldn't even be worried if your heat pipes were a vapor chamber. Small kinks should not cause copper to fail, you're fine.
  14. Yes and I did properly eject and it didn't do anything. Sorry if that wasn't more clear. Same result. I doubt this disk has any weird cache flushing methods that we need to worry about.
  15. Filling the drive with zeroes and reformatting using Partition Wizard caused Windows to start asking me to format it again (Windows read the Partition Wizard-created partition fine before I reconnected it). I'm really confused, dunno what's going on... I'll wait for someone else to voice their input on this.