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  1. sorry to repost this, but is anyone else still missing a fair amount of points from late last week? I'm getting updates now, but there's a day or so where the WUs never hit the stats page. The log didn't show issues
  2. is anyone still missing a fair amount of points from a couple days ago? I've posted a few times here, but it really seems like 8+ hours of 4x2080ti folding is just lost to the ether
  3. I'm really starting to think all the WU's from yesterday till this morning might just be lost... other people my team are updating and it's crediting some WUs to my old team under my username with nothing to the new team i had set up yesterday
  4. your laptop team number is Grammar Nazis. They're different numbers
  5. yeah the logs show the proper PPD, and the config file is fine - i just like seeing the actual points hit before i really relax knowing it's set
  6. yeah i'm definitely feeling it, i have 4 2080ti's running since yesterday and no idea if it's working properly since none of the points have hit yet lol
  7. i think the stats server is just all around having trouble. i haven't gotten credit for WUs from yesterday yet
  8. thank you! i tried scanning through the forums quick and didn't see a bunch of talk about it so i was wondering haha
  9. Is anyone else having problems with their work units not making into updates? Neither EOC nor the F@H stats site show the amount of points/WU I expect based on the logs
  10. I've got a Red Devil 5700XT and I'm getting around 72C/87C junction peak. I get around 1.2m PPD as well, I've seen people wondering about that since the sample size on the google doc is 1.
  11. Interesting, I wonder how that relates to the official stats server not updating at all for a day or so now.
  12. it's weird many of the teams I'm looking at didn't get updates, but there's people here who did.