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  1. I am wondering if 8gb VRAM on 3060Ti will be enough for gaming and some graphics software in 2021. Since the 3060 just came out with 12gb of VRAM but has fewer CUDA cores, I'm still wondering which one to choose.
  2. Is anyone here using the PNY RTX 3070 Uprising Dual Fan yet? I need some review on it because I am planning to buy.
  3. Should I buy a B460 motherboard when I don't need to overclock? I heard that if I bought the B460, it would be very difficult to upgrade later.
  4. Should I wait for the RTX 3000 series or buy the 2000 series right now?
  5. Actually, I originally thought of the AMD combo, but after calculating, the price is higher than the Intel combo, and I don't have much money. Normally the price of AMD combo in some countries is cheaper than Intel but that is quite the opposite in Vietnam
  6. Just playing some games and using Ps and Pr
  7. I don't really understand your second sentence
  8. Is anyone using Patriot Viper Elite 8gb 2666mhz? I would like to ask a little review about it because I am planning to use it with the i5 10400
  9. I am not sure if I should switch to AMD because there are some tasks such as programming or using Adobe software but I am not sure if it can run smoothly on Ryzen. With the Ryzen 4000 series probably coming later this year, I wonder if I should buy the 3000 series now
  10. Can I use the i5 10400 with Deepcool Neptwin v2?
  11. I don't know if you're mistaken but the MSI uses an IPS panel
  12. I also tried to choose one of the other two laptops, but the screen is the point I don't like about them, and also some of the heat dissipation issues.
  13. Has anyone used this laptop yet? I need a little comment on it
  14. I wonder if a Zephyrus G15 (GTX version) is too hot or not and is its screen too pale for me to use Photoshop or Premiere on it?
  15. Should I wait to buy Intel's 10th generation or wait for AMD 4000 series? The AMD 4000 series is expected to be better than Intel in some aspects like 7nm but it will be available later this year while I need to buy the desktop by the middle of this year - which is also when the 10th generation is available.