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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    Asus Prime b 450-plus
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  1. that is the problem his current card barly get 40 fps in actual tripple a a lowest settings or even 30-20 fps
  2. damm thats why it told to use the money you got from selling it
  3. looks good (but kinda wired to pit minecraft as one of the least demanding games on optional and office too if you can run cs you can minecraft) would keep the hdds as like randome drives to put games you don't play often but don't want to download all the time more storage is more and if you don't want to flipp it i would use a much as possible even if there is a better option when you can without any problems just slam your old stuff in as a nice little bonus gb if you have money spare i wouldn't upgrade the gpu asap because the 1050ti is decent and it isn't worth the money upgrading to
  4. no offense but triple a titles with a card that is 7 years old what tripple a title is this first of all every good gpu will be bottlenecked by your cpu and the other way round because it is cheaper to go with the better gpu i would go this rout because you don't want to go the upgrade path of yes this is an old archietcture that is in games totaly out performed by a lot and isn't much more expensive and more future proof your 760 struggles in any modern triple a title i found even a lower res like 1600*900 dropping often between 30 fps without looking good all the settings as low as i
  5. or just more ram that will make a bigger diffrence without costing more in my eyes if you have 16 gb
  6. i think 16 gb are more than enough when you don't do 4k or higher video editing, i wouldn't go for the 2tb ssd but use hdd. combine that with the used price for a 1060 6gb and you probably will get a 2060su/2070 that would be the best choice in my opinion and don't waist for then 15 bucks on the x variant
  7. probably not if you dont go crasy with the clockspeeds
  8. or fake cable mods because it isn't about the athetics is it about it being simple a ducking cable
  9. but i would get in the topic deeper before because it can be specific how to do it depending on the model or manufactor and do a full backup to a computer even with the os because i m not sure if you can get back to official android from samsung that easy
  10. first i would need a region for amazon or tech sites to get nothing from germany so the shipping won't be 50 €
  11. that is not what i meant often phones have specific issues that are fixed by the comunity and din't got into the offical samsung release not to screw aroound with other phones or get to many versions so it is more like going from android 8 to 9
  12. go to the advanced dive control in the settings and give it a name there so windows can identify it my father had this problem with an external ssd fixed it that way
  13. yould go for custome cables probably the only way to get two cables for a psu like prw mixes maybe not the most expemsive but like all black or what ever is cheap and looks halfway decent
  14. they are good nower days and often you get more value from amd but at least with the ryzen 5 3600 and the more high end ryzens from that gen you won't be able to get all cores to the may single core or even above that like in last gens