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  1. hello ive been getting bsod 3 in the passed 2 days error 0x8000000000000404 bad psu ? nothing changed only i did mess with my oc on the cpu(from 5 to 5.1 with same v but i did stress test and didnt crash after 2 hours) but i put it back to what it was it there any stress test that i can do for my psu ? sorry for my english pc spec cpu: I9-9900K overclocked 5ghz at 1.275V not a 100% sure about the volts i have to check ive been running this for 2 years
  2. @HM-2 so 2 rads but do i need 2 pumps or can i get a good pump/res combo like EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM this is my first time and i dont want to screw it up
  3. if seen a few videos off ppl complaining that the plugs in the evga hydro copper blocks have a high % of iron there for getting galvanic corrosion in your loop is that still a thing or have they fix it ? thx.
  4. hello im looking to build a custom loop with the new 30 series cards im looking to get the EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 hydro copper but i have a few questions im running a I9-9900K @5.1 GHZ( idel temp 39°c MAX under 100% load(cinebench score 4883) 93°c max i know 93°c is a lil hot but i only game on it so max load is 70% and it was my first ever overclock im cooling it with a aio 360 radiator the question i have is will a singel 360 radiator be able to cool my cpu and gpu ?? thx ps sorry for my english
  5. apex legends keeps crashing DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG error i have tried everything i now new drivers/old drivers clean install with ddu directx update /repair c++ repair i have tried no overclock on gpu still doent work the game is running at 99% Gpu CRAZY i KNOW PC spec I9-9900K @ 5GhZ MSI RTX trio 2070s (overclocked) Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra g-skill 16gb ram 3400mhz xmp on crash.jfif