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  1. Haven't they got quite good at deactivating ones not brought directly though them? I work at a electronics store and we're not aloud to sell licences anymore because they want to do it directly as much as possible
  2. Great, and it would be basically impossible to install Windows 7 on a m.2 with a Ryzen CPU and only USB 3 so I can't upgrade again?
  3. I still have my old hardware I could rebuild that rig and try linking it again?
  4. Yeah I have run that and its showing the key but it won't let me use it, I think it is linked to my Microsoft account, but obviously they think its too many different parts or something
  5. I recently moved from Intel to AMD, and while I was at it I upgraded my boot drive because it was very full but windows won't let me move over my licence to the new install, I have even tried to clone my old boot drive to see if that would take the key over but its still needs activation. I did a upgrade from windows 7 originally so I think that's why I can't transfer it, but I can't reinstall windows 7 to upgrade again because it lacks support for Ryzen, m.2 NVMe and USB 3. Is there any way around having to pay Microsoft again for software I already own and have been