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    Lenovo L27q-30

    I'm looking for a cheap monitor to have more screen real-estate for some video editing than just my 15.6" laptop, and to have more space for my too many tabs. My budget limit is around 175 USD. So far the best thing I've found is the Lenovo L27q-30, a 200 USD, 1440p monitor (There's also a 24 inch version that's 165 USD). There aren't many reviews on it, but the one article I could find seemed mostly positive, with the color accuracy being "good". The two main complaints in the amazon and newegg customer reviews are the non adjustable included stand and the wider than advertised bezels. Neith
  2. 7702. A lower power version of the 7742, which is a lower power version of the 7H12. Not to be confused with the 7702p, which is the exact same, but can't run on dual socket motherboards and is 463 dollars cheaper on amazon. If you set the video to 4K, it becomes possible to read the text in task manager because of the lower compression loss, even if you only have a 1080p monitor.
  3. No, they only work on Intel Xeons, and even then compatibility is, messy...
  4. Probably depends on the workload. For the 1 core you run into the problem of scaling with frequency, the higher the speed of a single core, the harder it is to feed that core with information. For the 80 core, you don't need to give each core as much data, making the pipeline much easier, but it is hard to make something that scales well with 80 cores.
  5. Nitpicks: "Pushing the limits of science" No sh**, they shot for the moon for the original 10nm, and totally missed. We just don't have the level of chemical control that they needed to get that cobalt trick to work. Maybe try something a little more reasonable this time. "give each Intel chip limitless potential" With enough volts and LN2, sure. "It's one of mankind's most complex feats" No argument there. "Intel has essentially doubled transistor density every new generation" -literally shows a graph of incremental yearly improvements
  6. Infrared and microwave radiation. Just like how a lightbulb emits visible light (photons) at a few hundred degrees, the surface of a satellite will emit photons with less energy at a lower temperature. While it is true that "space", or rather the dust in space, is very, very cold, there's so little of it that it can be completely ignored, at least for heat transfer. The computers in spacecraft are also purpose built, which makes them very power efficient. Interestingly, the main problem for spacecraft isn't cooling off, it's staying warm. Most of them have a large enough surface ar
  7. Not sure about the motherboard costs, but some of the first, and even second gen threadripper CPUs can go for really cheap. As in, 300$ for a 16 core CPU cheap.
  8. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ MY LONG STORY I have a Lenovo Legion 5 with a 4800H that I use for video and photo editing. I was exporting a long video today (Software Render BTW, my 4GB 1650 would have run out of VRAM) and happened to have task manager open. The laptop was running on quiet mode, which limits the CPU to 25W, allowing it to only barely have the fans spinning, and only under heavy load. Despite this, the 4800H was still boosting to 4.05 GHz, all cores. And it was able to sustain this for the 35 minutes the export took. I wa
  9. I was actually thinking about super high bandwidth PCIe storage devices for data crunching and AI accelerators (Sort of like a PCIe version of the DGX). Something like Liquid's compose-able infrastructure (I think that's what its called) that Linus showed in the "This is 50x faster than your PC" video. I said no one would have a use for it because of the massive side needed for a motherboard that can use the 6 or 7 possible x16 slots of a single EPYC CPU would make it impractical.
  10. I can't imagine that anyone would actually have a use for this-but how many PCIe x16 slots can you get in one system? I know that there are servers that have 8 Intel Xeon CPUs in one system. However Xeon has a lot fewer lanes than EPYC. And the EPYC platform has some dual socket motherboards.
  11. I really need help, this is going to drive me insane. One week ago I got a new laptop with a GTX 1650 and a 4800H. I quickly realized that Minecraft was running on the Vega 7 on the 4800H, and wanted to change that to the GTX 1650. I eventually found the nVidia control panel and was able to set it to the 1650, and my FPS tripled. A few days later I decided see if GeForce experience had anything interesting, so I made an account and logged in. It then said "Do you want to optimize your games?" I clicked yes and then started going through the various pages in the app. I then decided
  12. I see that the Lenovo Legion 5 15.6" has been mentioned, so I thought I might poke my head in. The screen is fine. I don't want to call it great since I haven't had that much experience with really high end monitors, but it's good enough for video editing and color correction. The RAN, SSDs/HDDs and battery are all replaceable. The keyboard doesn't flex while typing, normally or quickly, and you have to press really hard to get it to flex (Harder than I would actually ever press, even while playing a game), but it is there. As for the GPU, I've found that if I set everything to APU only in the
  13. I know about that. It seems to limit you to moving application windows one at a time though, rather than letting you select multiple and moving them all at once (Something like moving multiple files from one folder to another)
  14. This might be a long shot, but is there a way to move multiple windows from one virtual desktop to another?
  15. WHY?! This is the one thing that I think is undeniably better about Windows or OS X.