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  1. There is a new Dan case in the works as well, the C4-SFX, which will have Deep-ITX support specifically for this motherboard. It's about 12 litres in size.
  2. ASRock Rack has a new motherboard on the way that you might find interesting, the ROMED4ID-2T. It's basically a motherboard that uses a new form factor, Deep-ITX and can house an AMD EYPC 7002 processor. It's quite significant as it's one of the smallest EYPC 7002 motherboard that has appeared on the market. Want 64 cores and 128 threads on a tiny board? This is for you. Plus there are a load of Slim SAS SFF-8654 PCIE 4.0 x8 ports on it for expansion. The rear IO is terrible, but this is a server board. There is an M.2 2280 PCIE 4 slot on it however, so that might be a way of adding some USB p
  3. Hello people of Linusland, you might recognise me from SFFland! Thought I would show my Lone L5 build here in all of its glory. It's a tiny little monster I use for my typography/graphic design practice, works like a dream! Plus it's slient! I went with this setup due to the desktop being able to fit into a backpack which is handy to have if you do design. I hope to add another M.2 in the near future. I've currently got it paired with a Wacom Cintiq Pro 13, but a note to GPU manufacters. Please add a USB Type C port onto a Low Profile GPU so I don't have to use the Waco