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  1. My wifi upstairs just doesnt work, its like 0.5 mbits . I tryed wifi repeaters but didnt help at all, but since I have a lan switch upstairs I thought an access point could work. The problem is my pocket money was just spend on my pc :3
  2. I have a radeon r7 260x , that i got for 40 bucks on ebay
  3. I´ve got a 300$ budget and I´m conflictet between a current/last gen graphicscard and an Oculus Quest 2. I am runnung a Ryzen 3 3100x , so I´m worried that a 3060(ti) would get bottlenecked.
  4. Ok, :3 i just hoped it would work since I also wanted to buy a game or two
  5. I wanted to use it for the massive games like destiny 2 , how slow is it going to be? Like make you a coffe slow?
  6. k,:3 but is the psu really that bad? Since the german etailer i wanted to get it from manly had 5 star ratings , i guess weird raters then:3
  7. I think the cheapest smart rgb 500. Is the 5600xt comparable in performance, since i dont really care about rtx what so ever
  8. Budget :670€ Country: Germany Usecase: coding and light to modarate gaming I have a laptop with a ryzen 5 apu and I want to build me a proper gaming pc. Are these parts apropriete/balanced for my budget? thx for help :3 -R3 3100 -Asrock b450 m pro 4 -generic 16gig 3200 mhz kit -cheapest 2060 i could find -256gig boot ssd (already have 2tb usb hard drive) -500 watt thermaltake smart rgb -cheap 30/40 € case(image)
  9. Ok, but if i have more budget later couldnt i buy a higher tier gpu and a monitor now? Since the 3400g sytem would cost 415. Can you get a decent monitor at that price , since im frickin tired of playing on my shity tv
  10. I dont have a case jet :3 its my first build after all but i have a couple 120 mil fans
  11. I pkanned to use a Asrock B450(m maybe dk) pro and a thermaltake 550 watt psu.I have a harddrive already and i wanted to buy a 256gig boot ssd. The case is a rather standart box