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  1. Ok, this is strange. Removing both sticks and replacing them in place worked. I honestly don't know how.
  2. Ram in correct slots. Now it's running in single channel for testing. the other stick is fine (memtest86 didnt report any error). DOCP enabled, but that didn't give me any problem in the past...
  3. In short, my motherboard upon reboot is blocked with the DRAM led on. So I have tought of a bad RAM stick. That couldn't be the case, since if I turn off the PSU, wait about 5 seconds (the time for the onboard lights to turn off) and back on, when I start the pc, it starts with no problem. Config: MOBO: Asus Rog x570-F (BIOS 1405 latest) CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x @4.1Ghz CPU cooler: Cooler master ML240LRGB GPU: Asus rog 2080Super (Advanced Edition) RAM: 2X Adata 8gb xpg spectrix d41 3200MHz RGB SSD: generic m2 pcie nvme NOTE: I'm writing this with the p