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  1. mf i think so, the server i was on uses a plugin that is called "onesync" and apparently from what i found i should keep away from servers that use that because it uses a lot of ram. so its probably fivem that fucking eats and doesnt shit my ram. thread "probably" solved
  2. yo update, i was playing fivem again, when at one point fivem froze and task manager appeared and said "your device is running low on memory" and then showed that fivem was using a lot of memory
  3. i will run memtest86 tomorrow, too much of a hassle for this late
  4. bro its almost 11pm i dont want to download memtest86, any other benchmark i could use that could (ofc not as reliably) check the ram without needing to boot into a usb stick?
  5. No OC or XMP. System almost 1 year old. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600, RX 580 4GB, 16GB RAM CORSAIR LPX VENGENACE, 500W SEASONIC PSU and an ASROCK B450M FATAL1TY GAMING K4 mb
  6. Today has been a weird day. First of all, in the morning discord froze 2 times. Chrome also crashed probably 2 times. Yesterday, I also noticed that the Standby RAM (see pic) was high, like today, althought I havent checked that before. Currently allocated (Virtual?) RAM for my HDD is 2903MB, none for my SSD. Anyways, so I was playing FiveM and I had Discord and a youtube tab on chrome open. Suddenly, FiveM closes with no error message, Discord freezes and the tab crashes. This has all been happening today. What's wrong?
  7. lately, right click isnt working very well, so i wanted to open it up to clean it, since its a fairly old mouse, but i cant turn the damn screws. are they glued in, and if so, how can i melt the glue or something?
  8. im planning to upgrade from my RX 580 to a GTX 1080 in like 2 months, and so I went to ebay to get an idea on the prices. I sorted price to lowest, and found one. A day later, from 25 euro, the price jumped to 150. Where will I be able to find a somewhat stable cheap price on GTX 1080s?
  9. System specs: Ryzen 5 2600, RX 580 4GB()
  10. update: i found a .ppd file relating to PSC 1410, but i dont know what to do with it
  11. will try, but fyi HPLIP has the printer listed in the list of supported printers
  12. Windows 10 x64 im having trouble finding a driver for my old HP PSC 1410 printer. i have tried the drivers from hp's website, but the installation ends in a fatal error, i have tried multiple differnet drivers from "add a printer". the scanning works tho. also, i tried installing HPLIP on my ubuntu vm, and the printing worked, so im 100% sure its a driver error. if i install the hp universal printing driver pcl 5, when i press print, it spools but it immediately passes the printing stage. please help.