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  1. Hi, sorry for the noob question. I am trying to sell my GPU on facebook marketplace and one of the buyers is asking for the GPU serial number so he can verify the model. Is it ok/safe to share the serial number to a potential buyer? I did the registration with the manufacturer when I bought the card and I also have the email receipt from the store where I bought it(email receipt has the serial number). Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks in advance, Ajay
  2. Thanks for all the responses guys. Reason for connecting everything to alexa was just so that I can control it with my voice/without physical touch. I am not planning on using alexa for anything other than that e.g. not going to ask alexa how the weather is . I think I might have a second router laying around somewhere, I can try to use that to connect my devices without the WAN connection to the router. It might not work with alexa(because alexa needing an internet connection, as mentioned above) but it will be like a POC. Any reccomendations for a hub ot
  3. I am thinking of creating a local network(with no access to internet) for my home to connect smart devices to it(Connecting smart lights, outlets, thermostat, etc. to amazon echo 4th gen. ). Idea is to allow the devices to communicate amongst themselves without letting them communicate to the internet. My 2 questions are 1. Will this work? Will I be able to control other smart devices on the local network using echo if the network doesnt have access to the internet? 2. How do I setup such local network on a netgear AC1750 router? Thanks, Ajay Sharma
  4. @freakwise I was considering moving my system to a closet(kinda like what lunus has) but I dont want to deal with the cable management/setup that is going to come with it. I do have fans in the room but it was just an observation that the one room was hotter than the others.
  5. Hi All, I am running an AMD/Nvidia based system with below config. My CPU/GPU temps usually within the normal range for the system build that I have but I was just wondering if there is a way to lower them further. My primary reason for doing it is because I have noticed that my room with the setup is warmer than the other rooms in my house. System Config: CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X GPU: MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X trio AIO: NZXT Kraken X63 (280mm, mounted to the top of the case with fans setup for exhaust) Case: lian-li lancool 205 Case Fans: Bitspower Touc
  6. I bought a powerspec G705 a couple of months ago and having been loving it so far. If you have a Micro Center near by(even an hour or two away will be worth it) I would reccomend going there or at least checking online on their website. They have really good deals. P.S. below is the link to G705 if you want to check it out. It has an AMD Ryzen 2700X, Radeon 5700Xt, 16GB 2666 and 500GB SSD for $899. https://www.microcenter.com/product/617582/powerspec-g705-gaming-computer
  7. Thanks Alyen,That makes sense. I did some testing after reading your response the temps were plateauing out at about 63 degrees under moderate work loads(in line with your assertion that base temps are high coz 5700xt fans are spinning while doing everyday tasks but as soon as they start spinning the temps get back in the usual range)
  8. Thanks Nick Name I dont have the old PC anymore but they both are on asrock b450M pro motherboard with latest bios available and ran a very similar voltages(Since I am new to gaming PC, I essentially have ryzen master running all the time on one of the monitors).
  9. Hello, I switched from a Powerspec G162 to a Powerspec G705 desktop. They both have 2700X but G705 runs more 10 degree celcius higher than my old desktop(everything stock on both). Older computer used to be between 32 to 38 degree celcius and the newer computer is between 46 and 52 degree celcius for everyday tasks(browsing, watching videos, etc.) according to ryzen master. I was wondering what could be causing the issue(or if it is an issue at all)? Thanks in advance.