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  1. So I have an SN750, 500GB, and currently I am running my OS off a Kingston 250GB Sata SSD. I am wondering if I should be using the SN750 as my new OS drive, or if I should use it as drive for a studio application that has to fetch a lot of resources and then video process using adobe premier. If I use an NVME SSD for games and stuff, will their speed be limited by the OS SSD? What should I be using this SN750 for?
  2. I upgraded to a Gigabyte Aorus Elite 570 which supports NVME drives natively, and ran the test again, same result. I ran the test your way though, and instead of the lows being at 300MBPS, the lows were 500.
  3. So guys, I recently cloned an old intel SATA SSD to a WD Blue SN550 NVME drive. I then placed the drive into a PCIE 3.0 adapter, from M.2 to PCIE 3.0x4, and then I plugged that into my Asus Maximus 6 Formula motherboard. After that was done I ran TRIM on the NVME drive and then ran HDTUNE bench mark and got this... So what happened?
  4. Hello Linolians, I am looking to upgrade my current monitor but I am not too familiar with all the different models out there and was wondering if anyone knew a monitor that would fit my needs and be like the go to monitor to move to. Currently I am using a asus vn279QL monitor, I will list the specs below. Panel Size: Wide Screen 27.0"(68.6cm) 16:9 True Resolution : 1920x1080 Full HD 1080P : Yes Pixel Pitch : 0.311mm Brightness(Max) : 300 cd/㎡ ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) : 100000000:1(BS I know) Viewing Angle (CR≧10) : 178°(H)/178°(V) Response Time : 5ms (Gray to Gr
  5. man, for me I wouldn't consider any monitor below 300. So I think it would be worth it if the only other option is under 300 nits.
  6. What's the brightness on the non HDR 400 one.
  7. Well your motherboard supports 9000 series CPUs I believe, so depending on how much money you want to spend you can get up to the 9900KS, but as far as the minimum I would upgrade to, the i5 9600 is probably the minimum. You're looking at 2.9 vs 3.7GHZ in base clock speeds. Anything more powerful than the 9600 is an option, but anything lower isn't going to give you a big performance boost.
  8. Ah okay, well, if it's worth it would be subjective, the thing about HDR 400 is.... true HDR experience is HDR 1000, HDR 600 is like the minimum for a noticeable difference, HDR 400 may have a slightly better visuals, but probably not going to be worth it unless you are specifically looking for HDR 400 for a reason.
  9. Are you looking to keep your existing motherboard?
  10. So this is a question I ran into myself, and I would link the specific monitors you are looking at because each monitor is different. I have seen some HDR 400 monitors claim to support HDR 400, but then only have a peak brightness of 350nits....which is not gonna cut it, because SDR monitors are usually 300nits...from what I can tell.
  11. Ah okay, that makes sense. I am running windows 10, my current system is old, Asus Maximus 6 with i7 4770, I was going to upgrade when the ryzen 4000 5nm CPUs came out. so when the time comes, if I uninstall the chipset drivers, I should be fine using the new system without re-installing windows? I will have to change motherboards, because I want to go from an i7 4770 to one of the Ryzen 4000 5nm CPUs when they come out.
  12. I want to upgrade my current system in the near future, is there a way you can migrate an OS but all the registry values too so I don't have to go around re-installing everything? Like something that just transfers all the files, but ditches the drivers and motherboard chipset stuff?
  13. Thank you, when I looked into fractal designs i found they had a case that came in XL size, so it had the ability to store 8 SSD/HHD and 3 5.25 inch, plus enough size for my long GPU.
  14. Hello fellow Linolians I have a really large graphics card, its the the MSI 1070ti Duke 312 x 140 x 40 mm in size, and sweet mother of nutmeg it is very long and too long for my current biggo case. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for extra large cases that can accommodate such a large package and also has a lot of drive bays because I have 7-8 drives hooked up at once, but also looks nice. I don't care about RBG, but I don't want like a white plastic case that looks like it was made in 1995. Currently I am using the Antec Lanboy air and it is not big enough. P