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  1. im going to be using thermal take pure plus 14s so they are 25mm thick
  2. Im looking to put a build into the thermaltake h200 RGB, the website lists a 320mm gpu clearance, my gpu (asus 5700XT OC) is 305mm in length, i need to know if the length stated includes with or without front fanss!! please help
  3. would a single 280 be enough for just the CPU?
  4. This is my first custom water cooling build, i want it to be matte black with yellow highlights in the coolant and sleeved cables. Is there anything im missing? I would also like to water cool the GPU but im not sure where to start and i wouldn't like to add to overall price - there is a cheaper 2070 super the GALAX GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 1-Click OC 8GB Video Card which takes about AU$150 off the total price but with the price of the GPU block i'm not sure if its worth it - some advice on this would be greatly appreciated Anyone got any tips, especially as id like it to be hard
  5. Thanks so much for the help, this is actually really great for me because its my first build. is the motherboard u have proposed out of the box ready for ryzen 3000 series? and the monitor was a mistake i would be buying the 1440p version it just isn't in stock at the moment so i added that one to the cart aws a price reference for myself.
  6. also side note, i might do some light overclocking - is it worth it to spend that extra money on an aftermarket cooler instead of using AMD's stock cooler?
  7. In the process fo building my first gaming pc and i want to pair a ryzen 3700X with the Asus ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming Motherboard. The only issue is on the ROG website it says that it is 3000 series ready however on MWave (i live in Aus) it says it is only 2000 series ready. I knnow that Asus offer the USB bios flash feature without needing to install a CPU, does this board have that and if so will i need anything other than a USB? I know that AMD can sometimes send you a second processor so that you can update the boards but i live in Australia and if i remember correctly i don'