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  1. Thanks guys! Probably a better link here, with the full album. I don't love Spotify, but it sure is convenient:
  2. Looks very cool, hope to see an LTT review of one!
  3. I hadn't seen the updates in this topic, and independently contacted them asking about a fanless case. Received this today: "Thanks for reaching out, that project is being completed with our partner now and we intend to release the case later this year. I can share that the partner is Streacom and I advise that you follow their social media channels to stay up to date with the release."
  4. I went from to And been searching for the LTT video on the phobya g-changer 1080 9 fan radiator from 2013-14 according to the above videos, but can't find it!
  5. You're like the 4th person to ask, and I'm the ~5th. "boom box so big carry it with two hands" "All I wanna do is sit back and kick it" "all the cops wanna do is write me a ticket" No credit with the credits, how rude!