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  1. Hey there, here i am again with another 'dumb' question, this regarding the Playstation 5. I would like to know is the PS5 use upscaling for 4k of if this is a native 4k console. Couldn;t find it anywere. Hope u guys & girls can help me. :)
  2. Hey there! Hope you are doing good. I got a PS4 Pro as a gift a while ago. And I was thinking does the ps4 pro realy support 4k or does it always use upscaling? Like in RDR2, AC: valhalla etc Would like to know that. Thank you!
  3. Super thank you for your awnser! hope it gets fixed have a good one!
  4. Hello There! First of all hope you had a good christmas and are healthy! Here i am, Dave here, with a problem regarding Assassins creed valhalla on the PS4. I got this game as a christmas gift. I own a PS4 pro 1 tb edition. Now when playing the game, textures like stone walls, docks, statues and so on look blurry. Think of just the shape of a rock wall without the texture picture on it. Just one blurry image, i have that with like i said walls, rocks, docks, stattues and flooring. The game is running version 2.0.0 on a PS4 PRO 1tb edition on the latest PS software. Is this a common p
  5. Hey there, Hope you are all safe and healthy. I have a question. I own a PS4 pro, and i've been gaming on it for a while now. I play games on a 1440p monitor, now i would like to know the following: My PS4 pro gives a 4k signal to my display, but like i said my monitor is 1440p. Can gaming this way hurt my screen? I have an LG nano-ips 2k gaming monitor. Would like to hear from u!
  6. Hey hey @TofuHaroto (and the rest). I took your advise and decided to just buy cablemod extentions. Just foor the quality. Thanks for your help
  7. These are the cables Im talking about. €33,- from reaper. I would like to use cablemod but its to expensive and taxes in my region sucks. I have a picture of the Cables. They have 18 awg 20ohm pet-sleeving and with warranty what do you guys think?
  8. Hey there, Sorry to bother you, but I have a question. A while ago i build my gaming desktop. Now I really want to spice up my PC with some white sleeved cables. I found some on amazon a kit with CPU power, 24 pin, and pci-e cables, but first want to know (before i order): Can cheap(er) sleeved cables damage your components? And can i cause something like coil whine? Its from the brand Reaper cables. My pc specs: Ryzen 7 3700x RTX 2070 super MSI 16 Gb DDR4 3600Mhz X570 motherboard (asus ROG) and a 700watt PSU from seasonic. Thank yo
  9. Thanks for your awnser it conforts me, have a nice day to you!
  10. For the Ryzen 7 3700x same as mine, could it be a previous run?
  11. Hey there, hope you guys have a lovely evening. Just a small question, I have a ryzen 7 3700x, running on stock speeds with the stock cooler, on a asus ROG x570-f motherboard. I had to run cinebench R20, but my score is a bit low, or at least i think it's low. My score is; 4462pts. I have XMP enabled at 3600Mhz ram with CL18 timing. Is this normal? Nothing overclocked just the stock speeds. Hope one of you can help! PS. Nothing running in the background.