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  1. Good point, I agree. I would go with the 3600 and then if cooling is a problem you at least have the money saved to go bigger on the cooler. It all depends on how your case dissipates the heat. Both are great choices for a build, the 3600 makes a happier wallet!
  2. As far as I can tell online, yes. The motherboard is capable of seeing both 2.4ghz and 5 ghz networks.
  3. Those are both decent CPU's. If it is in the budget, the additional cores on the 3700x will be nice if you have background tasks running while you're playing games. However, you will see a boost in game performance if you take the 3600 and then use the saved cash to get a beefier cooler or an AIO liquid cooler. Better temps means better overclocking and stability. If you are just going to be gaming and not much else, I would say that the 3600 will suit your needs. Happy upgrading!
  4. Hi guys, I am so beyond frustrated because I have found no answers on the internet. I am running windows 10 on my custom built PC (shoutout to the people here who talked me out of getting a 3950x lol) and cannot connect to a specific network. My apartment complex has provided complementary wifi to all tenants temporarily until building upgrades are done and we can each pay for our own internet access. They have provided a free network that I have had no trouble connecting to on both my phone (Galaxy S9) and my laptop (Asus ROG Strix laptop, windows 10). Both of these devices have no t
  5. I have a masters degree, but apparently cannot read lol. That immediately solved the problem. Thank you Chris, much appreciated! I can't believe I misread that. Good old confirmation bias at its finest. All my previous motherboards needed A1 and B1, so that's what I saw when I read it.
  6. Hey Guys, I built a computer a few months ago now and this time I decided to go for Ryzen. I love my system, it's a huge upgrade over my old 6800k setup. But there is an issue I am having. I CANNOT get my ram to boot at the stated speeds on the the box. I am stuck at 2133mhz. Things I have tried: If I go into the motherboard settings and set the board to D.O.C.P. I immediately boot into safe mode. I attempted to adjust the dram voltage up in .01 increments from 1.35 (spec) to 1.40 while leaving DOCP settings the same (still boots safe mode) I have tried re
  7. @boggy77 Thank you! I really appreciate it! Those are all the questions I have haha. Actually just ordered the CPU and motherboard. RAM and AIO will be ordered in a couple days.
  8. @boggy77 Thank you for the tip. I can get the motherboard and CPU for just a little more than the 3950x alone. I think I will go for that one instead and bump up the quality of RAM I buy instead. It will still save me money in the long-run. I'm looking at Trident RAM with the following specs: DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Timing 16-19-19-39 Voltage 1.35V 32GB (2x 16GB sticks) Do those timings look alright or is there something better out there?
  9. Thanks for all the tips. @Constantin, @Jurrunio, @ImNotNeko I don't have an unlimited budget but I can absolutely throw in 3600MHZ RAM. Also the RAM I was looking at was C16 as well so I will look for C16 3600MHZ. I know it likes higher frequencies but wasn't sure if the "optimized for AMD" made a difference because it only comes in 3200MHZ. @boggy77 I use it for gaming and stuff which the high thread count doesn't help too much with, however we have a three year old in the house where I constantly have a movie playing while I do other school work, gaming, or anything else. The extra cores wil
  10. Hey guys, I;m new to the forum and I'm not sure if this topic is posted elsewhere so I apologize if it is repetitive. But I am looking to build a new PC. I have my parts selected and will list them below. I am not a complete novice but this is my first build with AMD Ryzen as opposed to Intel. I want to make the jump from an i7-6800k (which unfortunately I feel I lost the silicon lottery with). My question is what is the best RAM to pair with the 3950x? My prospective specs are: CPU: 3950x Mobo: x570 Crosshair VIII Hero (w/ wifi) AIO: Corsai