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  1. Corporate greed is nothing new, the fact that companies have been sliding these claims under the rug for many years now, happens to be the entire issue. The companies should look to engineer AI bots that track this very thing. 4G jacking by bloated companies have resulted in consumers data speeds dropping, and rates rising - the government agencies should engineer AI to look into that as well. ~Vibhor Tyagi (Techie at Engineer.AI)
  2. HAHAHHA! I wholeheartedly agree! E3 was going to be a lull this year (like the previous years). Apart from FF7, there was little incentive to watch anyways. ~Vibhor Tyagi (techie at Engineer.AI)
  3. Its especially fun because of the personalities like Lil Majin, TMMSwe, etc. being prominent voices in the sphere. The neutral game is F.U.N!, combos are really generic - amazing to watch at the highest of levels. lol. I wish there was a tournament for MUGEN as well. I love downloading and playing the 100th DBZ X Naruto game I could find, however, balancing is woefully compromised. A really well made video highlighting why watching the FGC (not just SBM) is amazing at the high levels. ~Vibhor Tyagi (Techie at Engineer.AI)
  4. Funny how this headline comes in conjunction with the "Right to Repair Act", passed by the EU Right to Repair ACT by EU We've reached that point in time, where our not-so older devices, are being antiquated, simply because of industry standards for mass consumerism. This particular headline is most alarming, though. There are these 7+ year old phones that still receive updates, but are easily susceptible to hackers who engineer AI malware, if they do so. The cellphone industry is primed with severe wastage, due to industry practices. ~Vibhor Tyagi (Techie at Engin
  5. What a waste! Such high processing power, lost on folks who merely use it for Snapchat and TikTok. Apple phones normally aren't that well integrated with third party software, like games, etc. This is a marketing ploy of the nth degree. About Powerbeats 4 - same! how did these manifest themselves into this one shelf on Costco/ Walmart, all of a sudden, out of nowhere?! ~Vibhor Tyagi (Techie at Engineer.AI)
  6. I know this should be shocking (especially with the Tesler reference), but I have long regarded Apple as not that much safer than your standard Android. It's just that these hackers are smart - they will manage to engineer AI bots that do crazy shit like this, basically under our noses. The adage that Apple devices are beyond hacking, is a myth, as far as I am concerned. ~Vibhor Tyagi (Techie at Engineer.AI)
  7. Another one bites the dust. As an Engineer, AI was going to be my big draw during E3. But now, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has claimed another tech conference by its teeth. This is one in a line of many meets cancelled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. RSA conference, not even a week ago, chimed in 2 casualties. SXSW is cancelled. E3 - cancelled! A Webinar can benefit a lot, given the circumstances at hand - it would benefit my crew of about 25, who engineer AI, to attend, while being safe from the coronavirus pandemic. Will definitely miss the cringe compilations this time ;) ~Engineer.A
  8. I want to call you misinformed, but really, I cant - lowkey i'm in agreement with you. MAYBE this is not that big a deal. There are however, live cases of people contracting, spreading, and even dying because of the outbreak. They have even managed to engineer AI bots that track the deaths and survivors of the coronavirus pandemic. They are at almost 70K detection now. That sucks, honestly! The reason that they're still letting people travel, is because trade and travel is the lifeline of most economies (and also because most governments are idiots to let such a gross oversight take place).
  9. This Coronavirus outbreak has really shifted the gears for most industries (upwards or downwards, depends on your mileage). While shill-houses like the stock market (and its brokers) have plummeted through the window, tech and software is seeing a steady rise in sales. I don't know what else to attribute it to, except that people have a lot of home time now - and being at home is synonymous to living around tech now. The fact that coronavirus (covid-19) has spiked, not only Twitch, but also other streaming sites as well - really isn't as shocking, as much as it is expected. We're about to
  10. That is a really swell way to put it. Really hoping on other companies to pick up the slack, and make electric powered vehicles - sooner than later! ~engineer.AI
  11. PRAISE THE LORD, FOR HE IS GOOD!!!! ~Engineer.AI
  12. The fact of the matter is that Intel is easily one of the most used chips on the market. A referendum on their flaws (a patch, if you will) could turn out to be nigh impossible. Maybe in an alternate timeline, someone has managed to engineer AI, which could obliterate any shred of dignified security that one would hope for. But in this timeline, we're still banking on that and other LVI attacks to never happen. Lets hope it never does. ~Engineer.AI
  13. Really? These guys want to regulate AI?! The guidelines that require any conformant to obey the guidelines, as if they were written like the Geneva Accord. The problem with this, is that it is only a guideline, and not a ruling. Which means we can still engineer AI to be killer robots, while merely getting a slap on the wrist. AI Guidelines according to The Pentagon The ball is still in the air about Ethical AI regulation. Military usage of Machine Learning algorithms has always been covert. The thing is that people wont engineer AI to become Robotic assaila
  14. I hope Bungie will be re-releasing/ remastering the original score as well... I mean this should be expected, right? ~Engineer.AI
  15. To be fair, and also being appreciative of the feat Tesla has achieved - rich people will basically throw away their money at anything! Musk and Tesla were able to hit a nerve so hard, now their cars have a 11 months waiting period (the demand is that high). However, it is the working class, the everyday commuter, the mileage expert - who really needs to move to a battery operated car, and not some rich billionaire/ politician. ~Engineer.AI