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  1. Hello! In January I started a thread here when I decided to enter the world of slightly better sound, and flowing the suggestions I received ((Thanks for your patience and time Exidor and circeseye), I made my orders and waited with bated breath. Last week They Arrived. I invested in a; Sony STR-DN1080 https://www.whathifi.com/sony/str-dn1080/review A pair of; Dali ZENSOR series 1 for my front channel https://www.whathifi.com/dali/zensor-1/review And I had my old 25 year old Sony SS-H991 speakers checked up by a technician and I am reusing
  2. Most honest thing I've heard. I'll sleep on it. Chances are, I'll say fuckit and get the Samsung q950t too rather anti-climatically to this whole thread.
  3. Well that was my long term plan, It's clear that this will be a setup I'll spend ages assembling if I do it. Right now I'll stretch it, and maybe get the receiver and left and right speakers. I will remember what you said about the subwoofer. Which I might skip all together yeah, this was just my ideal plan now. In a few years when I get to buying subwoofers, well by that time I might have larger issues than what subwoofer to get. Anyhow think I'll go with the Klipsch for center left and right as you suggested. Thanks a lot everyone! This was an amazing first foot set into the ocean
  4. Okay so I think I want to do this; For reciever; Get the Sony STR-DN1080 As for speakers, I can't decide anymore. I'll either do something like this; For center speaker I'll get a 3-way as Circeseye suggested.* Sony SSCS8 2-Way 3-Driver Center Channel Speaker OR Yamaha NS-6490 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers OR Klipsch R-52C Powerful Detailed Center Channel Home Speaker For front speakers; Sony Core Series 5" 3-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) - Black OR Klipsch Model R-41M Bookshelf Speakers For su
  5. Duly noted. Again in general I am immensely thankful to you all for helping me enter this realm and showing such patience with my questions I could easily google, and I do, but I never seem to understand something unless I waste someone's time to have them explain it to me like a child. Again I thank you all.
  6. My apologies, I entered this rabbit hole with both legs and I'm missing things left and right, I've started taking notes. I mainly both play games ((Favorites being stuff like the old school Thief series, modern games like Control and The Outer Worlds)) and develop my own games ((Or more appropriately, Try to, not actually managing to make anything but someday)). And I'd love to have a reasonable immersive sound experience, but also neutral enough so that I can do amateur sound design for my projects too. I waste money on sound banks just because I love sounds in general. I think I've bou
  7. I will look at an atmos. How do I know what distance is good ((and safe)) to put speakers at? I can't easily find the minimum distance for speakers. But I do see possible adverse health effects of wrongly setup speakers. I imagine the center speaker will be under my monitor, So I will be about 45 cm (17 inch) away from it. Is that safe?
  8. Alright, I'll start looking now and get back with what I find based on previous suggestions for speakers and characteristics.
  9. I see. Well, I'll retire them then. Do I use Bi-poles for Front and Surround then? Essentially get 4 bi-poles and a 3-way for center?
  10. I'll get the 3-way one for center. Or at least try to find a 3-way one for the center. By the way, are the Bi Poles are for the "Surround" speakers, not the "Front L and Front R" right? The terminology escapes me a bit. I mean the Bi Poles are the speakers I'll place behind me?
  11. Interesting... I might go for it later then, I will see if I can find a receiver that supports both HDMI and simpler digital inputs. Future proof my receiver, even if I use the worse form of connectivity now. If I am not going to start with HDMI out of the box, what is the second best connector I should use? Digital? Or do I still go HDMI and just deal with the phantom monitor when starting "For center I would get a VESA mount to lift the monitor put the central speaker underneath it and angle it towards you with some rubber pads you can get the fancy audio shop stuff t
  12. It is a corner of a larger room and yes I can wall mount. I am not sure I understand what "HDMI" means. Audio receivers can use an HDMI cable too? And where do I plug that into my PC? The only HDMI ports are on my GPU? How does the cable chain look like? What is ghost monitor? My current audio connectivity experience is using a 3.5mm cable from line-out on my PC that turns into a R and L channel cable that goes into the G88. Possibly the most caveman thing ever I'll start looking at what Danon or Yamaha receivers I can get my hands on here, and I'll go for 5.1.4 or 5
  13. I suppose that's the first thing I have to start with. Yeah it sounds like a great idea... I suppose it's what I should do. I was, perhaps, naively, hoping to do it all in one go. But I now see no reason to get something half descent now and then try to sell it second hand and get something better, might as well start piecing it together one by one. Okay it's what I'll do. I'll start small but with quality and add to it down the road. What do I start with? I kind of want left right and center? As for space, This is what I have now. I sit at a 45 degree
  14. Wow these are more replies than I am used to getting. I don't like the soundbars either to be fair. And I'd be down for a DIY but not the extreme one where I buy electrical components, something like Brok3n But who cares?, suggestion. I need to read through this thread carefully and reply again tomorrow.
  15. TLDR; I want to enter the world of 5:1 or 7:1 PC gaming. My budget is up to ~$1000. So after being stuck home for all last year, I've started to notice all the things that bother me about my home setup. One of them is my abysmal speakers. I personally prefer speakers, ((I have the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones , I love them but I personally prefer real speakers for my near 18 hours a day I spent on my PC these days.)) so I've decided to take the plunge. Problem is I can't go anywhere to test speakers at the stores and find the ones I like, and all reviews either mention th