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  1. Just incase anybody stumbles across this while also facing the same problem...... turns out i'm just dumb and mindlessly turned off Windows Defender in the background apps setting..... yeah.....
  2. Sorry for late reply, by clean install i mean while installing windows from a USB i wiped/deleted drive(s)/partition(s) and "reformatted" (or created new partitions not really sure tbh) via their Windows Setup window. Was this insufficient?
  3. I'm unable to re-enable Windows Defender given the error of "Threat service has stopped restart it now." (and when i attempt to restart, it stalls and then gives error prompt) and sometimes "Page not available, Your IT Administrator has limited access to some areas of this app..." I have exhausted all Google searches and YouTube tutorials and am unsure where to go from here, seems it's common for a third party anti-virus service to disable Windows Defender but i have not used a anti-virus service since 2013. There is no other Windows devices on my network only mobile devices, my rou