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  1. I'm pretty sure I wasn't running any tasks back then, except Discord running in the background. Also, thank you Cat, for trying to help!
  2. Yes, I am using an Adata SU650 which is a DRAM less SSD, but I bought it recently.
  3. This is my 4th time writing in these forums, apparently my PC creates new problems every 3 months, anyways. I play Valorant everyday, and my PC was handling it no sweat. But from 2 months ago, there has been a downgrade in my performance. the textures take like 3-5 seconds to load, my game audio randomly disappears for few seconds, and the Voice lines are delayed. After all of this happening, I thought it would be my HDD because the data transfer is slow. But now that I have bought a SSD, I still have the same problem despite of installing it inside the SSD, I also reinstalled my Windows into
  4. Eyyyyyy I finally found the issue. Its been a week and I have not seen a Blue Screen yet. Turns out my brother updated the motherboard bios just before buying the RX 570. Switching back to the old and stable build fixed the issue. I am soooooo so happy that I can finally play games without being afraid T^T Thank you everyyyyy one, cuz it was because of you that I noticed I was using an unstable mobo bios!!!!!!!!!!
  5. It would make sense if its my MOBO, because its about 7 or 8 years old. Also, I have cleaned my PC last week. Also since you addressed it, is it possible that my PSU is having trouble giving out power to my GPU, hence the crashes? I am using 8GB RAM (Dual Channel) 3 HDDs (1TB, 500GB, 500GB) RX570 i5 3470 And a 450W Corsair PSU is powering them all. Is it possible that 450 is not enough for my hardware? OMG I just realized something. I have been getting these pop-ups randomly after powering up my PC. It says that my Bios has been reset. A
  6. It would make sense if its my MOBO, because its about 7 or 8 years old.
  7. RAM was not overclocked and my hdds did not had any bad sectors. Yesterday my PC got BSOD everytime on boot up. I recovered my data going to safe mode and reinstalled Windows. No blue screen on the first day. I have a habbit of checking if my AMD Software is running in the background, because everytime after installing the AMD Drivers, After few days of installation, It doesn't autoboot on startup, I have to manually open it. And So I checked for it in my system tray, it was there. BUT! After the Blue Screen I got while playing Nier Automata, AMD Software stopped opening on startup.
  8. Okay scratch that, my PC crashed again I dont know what to do anymore. It crashed twice while playing Valorant! Is it possible that my RAM is faulty even after Memtest says it had no errors?
  9. I used DDU and reinstalled the drivers as you said. I tried playing Division again and it never crashed! Thank you so much!!! You are a life saver!
  10. I have been thinking about it too. Thats why I installed MSI Afterburner to monitor the temps. I got 71C which is average for the RX 570. Also, I have not overclocked my GPU.
  11. Already tried that There are no bios updates even
  12. RX 570 4GB i5 3740 8GB RAM 450 Watts PSU Two HDDs - 1x 1TB 2x 500GB
  13. Its not instant, it doesnt even occurs everyday. I usually play Valorant with my friends, there is very less possibility of getting a Blue screen. But it happens everytime when I play Division. It crashes after 10-15 minutes of playing. The blue screen did not display any error so I used WhoCrashed to read the log. (The image should be present somewhere.) I scanned my hard drives and ran memtest. They showed me no errors, I reinstalled Windows, and yet the I get blue screen T^T. Please if someone can help me. (I remembered something now, guess ill jus
  14. I used another HDMI cable based on your suggestions, The TV did not disconnect. It worked perfect! Thank you everyone for helping me. I can finally couch game :')
  15. Hello, I am a normal PC user with a normal 1080p Monitor, but today since I was home alone, I thought of trying to play games on my 4K LG TV. I moved the PC and Plugged HDMI cable in and everything seemed fine until Windows booted up. The resolution was weird, Windows was going out of the frame, and after 3-4 minutes, my TV stopped receiving HDMI signal. Please can some one help me, the HDMI Cable is not faulty as it runs perfectly well on my Dell Monitor. The Display Drivers also seem to be updated! Before giving up tho. I first booted up my PC with the HDMI connected to my monitor, ev
  16. So I recently installed COD Warzone, and again the CPU usage was at 100% And when I saw YouTube videos of COD Warzone with i5 3470, their CPU usage was like, 80%. And they were using higher graphics settings than mine.
  17. I did, I tried the lowest settings, and still the CPU is at 100% usage
  18. I recently upgraded my PC, it has a RX 570 4GB, i5 3470, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 450W PSU. No SSD for now. I played many types of games with it. The worst of all was Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, both the games were set to Ultra Settings, and the VRAM was not exceeding, but the games stutter half of the time. And Rainbow Six Siege, which can be understandable cuz I am slightly exceeding the VRAM usage. and there were some in GTA V too. Can some one please help me. Thank You for reading this.
  19. Bought an i5 3470 with a RX 570 based on your suggestion. I'm very happy with the performance, I get 70FPS on R6S, 50FPS on Far Cry 5 and 70 to 80FPS on Nier Automata, all these games on the Ultra settings. The CPU and GPU work super well together but the AMD Radeon Settings tell me that my CPU is slightly below recommended requirements, but there are no problems with gaming at all. Thank you all for helping me!
  20. Yeah, I'v been thinking about that too! I'm going to do that instead of buying just an RX 580.
  21. Thank you for replying! The reason I cannot buy a new GPU right now is that we are expected to shift soon, so the whole family is saving money.
  22. Thank you for your reply! I wanna play games like Rainbow Six Siege and GTA V. Also the thing is that I can only afford to GPU right now Few years later, I will be buying a whole new CPU, but till that I want to game on just... Not the GT 730.