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  1. I'm pretty sure I wasn't running any tasks back then, except Discord running in the background. Also, thank you Cat, for trying to help!
  2. Yes, I am using an Adata SU650 which is a DRAM less SSD, but I bought it recently.
  3. This is my 4th time writing in these forums, apparently my PC creates new problems every 3 months, anyways. I play Valorant everyday, and my PC was handling it no sweat. But from 2 months ago, there has been a downgrade in my performance. the textures take like 3-5 seconds to load, my game audio randomly disappears for few seconds, and the Voice lines are delayed. After all of this happening, I thought it would be my HDD because the data transfer is slow. But now that I have bought a SSD, I still have the same problem despite of installing it inside the SSD, I also reinstalled my Windows into
  4. Eyyyyyy I finally found the issue. Its been a week and I have not seen a Blue Screen yet. Turns out my brother updated the motherboard bios just before buying the RX 570. Switching back to the old and stable build fixed the issue. I am soooooo so happy that I can finally play games without being afraid T^T Thank you everyyyyy one, cuz it was because of you that I noticed I was using an unstable mobo bios!!!!!!!!!!
  5. It would make sense if its my MOBO, because its about 7 or 8 years old. Also, I have cleaned my PC last week. Also since you addressed it, is it possible that my PSU is having trouble giving out power to my GPU, hence the crashes? I am using 8GB RAM (Dual Channel) 3 HDDs (1TB, 500GB, 500GB) RX570 i5 3470 And a 450W Corsair PSU is powering them all. Is it possible that 450 is not enough for my hardware? OMG I just realized something. I have been getting these pop-ups randomly after powering up my PC. It says that my Bios has been reset. A
  6. It would make sense if its my MOBO, because its about 7 or 8 years old.
  7. RAM was not overclocked and my hdds did not had any bad sectors. Yesterday my PC got BSOD everytime on boot up. I recovered my data going to safe mode and reinstalled Windows. No blue screen on the first day. I have a habbit of checking if my AMD Software is running in the background, because everytime after installing the AMD Drivers, After few days of installation, It doesn't autoboot on startup, I have to manually open it. And So I checked for it in my system tray, it was there. BUT! After the Blue Screen I got while playing Nier Automata, AMD Software stopped opening on startup.
  8. Okay scratch that, my PC crashed again I dont know what to do anymore. It crashed twice while playing Valorant! Is it possible that my RAM is faulty even after Memtest says it had no errors?
  9. I used DDU and reinstalled the drivers as you said. I tried playing Division again and it never crashed! Thank you so much!!! You are a life saver!
  10. I have been thinking about it too. Thats why I installed MSI Afterburner to monitor the temps. I got 71C which is average for the RX 570. Also, I have not overclocked my GPU.
  11. Already tried that There are no bios updates even
  12. RX 570 4GB i5 3740 8GB RAM 450 Watts PSU Two HDDs - 1x 1TB 2x 500GB
  13. Its not instant, it doesnt even occurs everyday. I usually play Valorant with my friends, there is very less possibility of getting a Blue screen. But it happens everytime when I play Division. It crashes after 10-15 minutes of playing. The blue screen did not display any error so I used WhoCrashed to read the log. (The image should be present somewhere.) I scanned my hard drives and ran memtest. They showed me no errors, I reinstalled Windows, and yet the I get blue screen T^T. Please if someone can help me. (I remembered something now, guess ill jus