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  1. i recently (today) switched to kde neon 5.19 on my laptop after being a long-time windows user and have no idea what i'm doing a lot of the time, so i have some questions on how to do stuff: is there a way to change system sounds? i plugged a secondary monitor into my laptop via hdmi and it decided to rescale everything to be super zoomed in. is there a way to fix that? (i attached a screenshot of it, also i messed around a bit with the themes and managed to change it to something i like, as well as changing the launcher menu to something a bit more familiar, so it's not barebone
  2. this is what i was doing originally, but it would bring up the launcher.
  3. a logitech g513 is probably about the same without the easy media controls and display wheel, while coming from a more trustworthy brand. if you really want a display or easy media controls, you should get a steelseries keyboard or something unless you really want this one.
  4. usually unless it's a proprietary connector, it might be a usb 2 header. if not, the motherboard you're using might not have an rgb header, or it's not easily identifiable on that board.
  5. is there a way to launch minecraft java through steam without doing the extra step of using the launcher, or is the launcher a mandatory part of launching minecraft java without hassle? also, is there a way to launch the windows 10 edition (installed via the microsoft store) via steam?
  6. i installed essentialsx on my minecraft server, but anyone who isn't opped can't break blocks. how do i change this to full interaction permissions?
  7. i joined around april 2020, and i was able to join before, and i left it to organize my servers it should be about 5 months i can't use voip and my only electronics are my laptop, my landline phone, and my kindle paperwhite (i don't have a cellphone YET, may get one in the next 2-3 years or so), so no phone verification (discord denies use of voip service so no google voice) and no smartphone means no 2fa
  8. when i attempt to join the ltt official discord server, it just shuts me out and doesn't show up. is there a reason for this, and is there a solution? yes, as you can see in my video, i used both the link and the discover page 2020-09-10_13-56-23.mp4
  9. i'm trying to get the windows start button icon, but i don't know where it is in the files, does anyone know?
  10. does kde neon work? it seems to be based on ubuntu 20.04 lts which seems relatively new
  11. rtx 3070 is faster than 2080ti while costing at least half the price
  12. i don't want to have the "activate windows" watermark and i want more performance and privacy
  13. i'm doing my first build, and i'm wondering how the driver support is on linux (what i'll want if drivers are supported) with ryzen 4000, geforce 30 series cards, and the rog strix x570-e motherboard. are the components going to work fine with good drivers, or should i just get windows?
  14. 1. they want more money 2. they can't run the java edition on a device like an xbox, ps4, or ipad 3. it can run better on low-end devices 4. it integrates with xbox live, unlike java 5. no additional software needed (unless you need xbox) 6. it has it's own marketplace, accessible to everyone (java limits to free maps when you buy a realm) and other stuff also this is getting a bit off topic
  15. Is there a way to get RTX on Java, or is it limited to RTX on Bedrock and Optifine shaders on java?
  16. I'm starting my first PC build, and I'm thinking of using a Dell XPS 8930 case for it. I have some questions. 1. What size motherboard can I use? (ATX, m-ATX, etc.) 2. With the foldout PSU mechanism that seems to sit on top of the cooler, what coolers that are powerful enough to power a Core i7 9700k can fit in this case? 3. Will any standoffs be off center? If needed, here's my parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/devturtle/saved/Hk4d99
  17. wow an x series processor to play what? minecraft?
  18. I also am getting these ads, I posted a thread a few minutes ago, and they are really annoying as I don't really care for this type of stuff. I wish there would be a way to disable them.
  19. Is it just me, or is YouTube automatically playing the audio from videos related to politics and the US government on people's YouTube homepage? This seems like a bit of a problem. I attached a video if that's helpful. The built in thing for controlling media on Windows messed up though, but listen to the audio. Edit: the media controller playback was messed up in VLC. It's working fine here. Other edit: If this actually is happening to people, should I post someting in Tech News, or did someone already cover it? 2020-08-18_20-42-46.mp4
  20. so i want to set up a few server processes (pritunl vpn, minecraft server, maybe pihole) and am stuck between the raspberry pi 4b (4gb ram), lattepanda alpha 864s, and the lattepanda delta 432. the lattepanda costs a lot, but it seems pretty powerful, though the raspi costs a lot less and has no cooling fan. which one is the best for multiple server tasks (unless it's being split between multiple servers)? if lattepanda, i'll probably install ubuntu, because licensing windows is annoying, and if i get a raspi, then it gets raspbian