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  1. 2 minutes ago, Master Disaster said:

    The reason is because a computers BIOS won't allow an OS to install a bootloader on 2 connected drives, I know that sounds dumb but its real. If you have Windows on Drive A and you put Linux on Drive B, even if you specifically tell Linux to put the bootloader on Drive B it will still end up on Drive A.


    Since you're using Arch based distros I'd guess the corruption happened because Arch uses systemd to Boot rather than a traditional bootloader and AFAIK systemd doesn't respect existing installs. It boots itself and everything else gets ignored, since bug 1 is a thing, if you try to dual boot Arch with Windows systemd just overwrites the existing Windows boot partition with its own data.


    The workaround is to simply unplug the Windows drive while installing Linux. I recommend that you always unplug every drive except the one you're installing too unless you specifically want 2 bootloaders on a single drive.

    can i repair the current boot partition for windows so i don't have to reinstall? it's always a hassle when i have to reinstall whatever software i forgot to install when i reinstalled windows.

  2. hi,

    when i install any variant of linux (arch, fedora, manjaro, etc), my windows bootloader becomes unreadable by the uefi bios on my pc despite me not having touched the windows disk during install. i usually end up reinstalling windows because it's the easiest way to fix that, although it's annoying. is there a reason this happens or a way to fix it?

  3. Just now, Nayr438 said:

    As far as I am aware, Discord does a version check of some sort when connecting, either based on protocol or a string. An outdated Discord client shouldn't be able to successfully connect to Discord.


    Is there any reason you need to use an older client?

    i was watching old youtube videos where they used older versions of discord and wanted to do a comparison between old versions of discord and the current version

  4. i downloaded an early discord client via the wayback machine and installed it in a vm, but it updated automatically to the latest version. launching discord through the archive in the install directory launches as a blank gray window. is there a way i can use an old discord version and have it not update to the latest version?

    and no, disconnecting the network adapter doesn't fix it, it just says it couldn't check for updates.

  5. when using vmware, i noticed that i need to turn off hyper-v by running

    bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

     in order for it to work properly (virtualbox and vmware both require hyper-v to be turned off in order to use vt-x). the problem with that is programs such as multipass and docker require hyper-v to be working.

    is there a way to allow vmware to work properly while running the hyper-v hypervisor?

  6. i downloaded the apache haus distribution of the apache server for windows and am trying to set up php, and i see the following lines in the /conf/httpd.conf folder:

    # PHP FastCGI
    # Edit conf/extra/httpd-fcgid.conf to match your php location
    # and uncomment the Include line below.
    #Include conf/extra/httpd-fcgid.conf

    one problem: conf/extra/httpd-fcgid.conf doesn't exist.


    is there a copy of the fastcgi config file somewhere, a way to re-write it, or an alternative way to provide php to my webserver?

  7. 9 hours ago, linuxfur said:

    The first screenshot simply seems to be a permission issue. Since the Xbox App is something installed by the Microsoft Store you can ignore that.

    I'm not too sure what the second folder is meant for.


    Maybe try running a disk check on both disks to be safe? If no errors are found, I'd simply tick "Do this for all current items" and skip all the errors it throws you. You might simply be trying to copy or move system files you don't have access to that you probably don't need to transfer over such as the Xbox App executable that could be reinstalled through the Microsoft Store or Microsoft's new Xbox App installer. Then check the contents of your folders and see if there is anything missing you think should have transferred over.

    skipping all the files with errors just skips everything i was trying to move, and it seems like it's just the history.ie5 folder stopping me. the first one seemed to me like a shortcut error, so i deleted most of the shortcuts.

  8. 5 hours ago, C2dan88 said:

    Use disk cloning utility like macrium reflect for backing up entire disk.

    Or use linux live usb instead for copying specific files/folders. Windows can get in the way when copying protected files or files that are being used by the system.

    how does this work for moving from a disk to a folder?

  9. i'm attempting to transfer everything on my old windows install so i can back it up and reinstall, but at the last part when moving the users folder, i keep getting these errors

    image.png.f883b8e8266b0a0d2b68f701f94aaca5.png(for most of them)

    image.png.9993e39ac1b4e0263a419d380b3ec706.png(for only this folder, as far as i've seen)

    there may be more errors, but i don't have the time to skip through all the files, considering there are over 750,000 files with transfer errors. does anyone know a fix for these errors and/or how they were caused?

  10. my audio driver recently stopped working in windows 10 and i can't troubleshoot it easily, so i switched to windows 8.1 temporarily, but the start menu is just genuinely annoying, and i honestly don't like the way the classic start menu and open shell work and i prefer the windows 10 style start menu much better (though it is nice to drag programs around in the all programs menu). is there a way to get a windows 10 style start menu in windows 8.1?

    also here's how i prefer to have my windows 10 start menu:


  11. 4 hours ago, elsandosgrande said:

    I had this same experience a few years back with Plasma X11. I haven't run Linux in a virtual machine for the past year now, so I can't say what things are like right now, but VMWare Workstation had better OpenGL performance than VirtualBox (I vaguely remember LLVMpipe plaguing me back then).


    2 hours ago, OrangeTurtle said:

    haven't tried that, but probably will now

    the wayland versions seem to not crash kwin as much, but might be a bit glitchier in some ways. the cursor in full wayland is slightly drifted but enough to drive you crazy, and won't change.

    assuming that normal plasma is running on xorg, xorg seems to crash more, but wayland seems to have some bugs.

  12. 1 hour ago, ToolMan said:

    You can still make a local account, its just Microsoft makes if difficult. You have to log out, then click on the sign in to a Microsoft account button, and in that menu click you don't have one or something, and they will eventually give you the option to make a local account. 

    this is on an existing pc, how can i log out?

  13. Just now, Oshino Shinobu said:

    You can try using that product key in the setting menu and see if it works. 


    I've not come across that error before, but it's been a while since I upgraded a home edition to Pro so they may have changed the way dism works on the newer builds or your license is activated in a different way that prevents the upgrade

    as demonstrated in the above post, the settings app activation isn't working either

  14. 8 minutes ago, Oshino Shinobu said:
    dism.exe /online /Set-edition:Professional /AcceptEula /ProductKey:VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T


    Run that in an elevated command prompt. Should upgrade to Professional and be unactivated using the generic W10 Pro key.

    error 50 (setting editions isn't supported with an online image)image.png.8f45f02767c83a99f1cd673e6fadc68a.png

    allows upgrading, but after a few seconds says there's no valid product key or license