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  1. Have a watch of this dashcam video and listen to the background audio Hyundai decides not to wait and pays the price - Carlisle WA It is Linus and Luke from "RTX 3080 Scalpers are JERKS - WAN Show September 18 , 2020" at around the 3 min 51 second mark
  2. The bounce in fans 2 and 3 are signs that they are not the healthiest but are a long way from dyeing, you may have found the cause of the noise.
  3. Verify your files. Epic Games Launcher -> Fortnite page -> Look at the green launch button, find the cog/gear icon just to the right -> click on cog icon -> select verify.
  4. Gigabyte - download the maunal and look at it. There are 2 12v RGB ports LED_C1 & LED_C2, LED_C2 is by the ram. Read page 14 and note "Connect your RGB LED strip to the header. The power pin (markedwith a triangle on the plug) of the LED strip must be connected to Pin 1 (12V) of this header. Incorrect connection may lead to the damage of the LED strip." Corsair - look at the quick start guide that would have come with your case, page 9. RGB splitter plugs into the 12v port, which on this board marked LED_C1 or LED_C2 Masterliquid - Manual, image 12 shows the RGB splitter (part M) plug
  5. Yes, flat round area that the blades come off.
  6. After having a search around it sems that for some people there is a problem with the Tomahawk and Tomahawk Max audio, especially with the rear audio rear jack. It is just static and poping. Fix seems to be RMA/replacement for some, others go for a sound card. Although I did find this post https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=333237
  7. Do you have the Realtek Audio Control installed? It is separate from the Realtek HD Universal Driver and Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.
  8. It shouldn't if it is only for a second or two. Jaming fans for ages is bad, for a second or two is not a problem. The one time that it is not a good idea is when the fans berings are totally gone (normally accompnied by a horible sounds) and really anything is just enough to push it over the edge. Have I done it before, yes. Have I damaged any fans that way, not that I know of. Would I do it on a daily basis, no as that would be stupid. Would I do it again to diagnose a issue with an expensive/important bit of my own hardware, yes as long as it is not a super fast server fan running full spee
  9. I say fan but to make sure stall each fan out one by one, that it place a finger on the hub (not into the blades, athough that can work, just not nice for the finger) and provide enough presure to stall the fan.
  10. RMA it is what the answer you got off the Nvidia forums, it is the one you will get here, and I doubt you will find a different answer asking anywhere else. I gather it is undesirable for you to RMA it (or you would have done it months ago) so other solutions to the problem are what you are looking for, there actually are a number. You could ignore it untill the card dies and buy a replacement, buy a replacement and sell the curent one off as broken, pull the fan shroud off and make your own replacement (people have been doing this for years, quality ranges from PC fans held on with zipties an
  11. You sure that is a TKG connector as the specs for that PSU do not mention one, but it does mention a PCI-E 6+2-Pin.
  12. Yes it is mATX, also check if it is the mortar or mortar max. If it is just the mortar then skip it, the max has out of the box Ryzen 3000 support.
  13. Have a look at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.ebuyer.com It seems they are having issues at the moment, go back a couple of months in the reviews and it seems they were quite reliable.
  14. What do you think of something like this? Asus GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER 4 GB Phoenix @ €179.90 Also have a look around using PC part picker https://de.pcpartpicker.com/products/video-card/
  15. Luckily PCI-e is backwards compatible so any PCI-e 3 cards will work in the boards PCI-e 2 slot, and that card will be able to move to a new system. What country you in? The €200 and under cards you would be looking at would be the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super, AMD RX 470 8gb, and the Nvidia GTX 1650. I would take a Nvidia GTX 1650 Super for the games you want to play.
  16. Just a heads up on the WD40EFAX they are SMR drives. I say go with the ST4000VN008 (the Seagate linked above) as it is a PMR drive.
  17. Kill and restart Explorer. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time, select Task manager. In the Processes tab and scroll down until you find Windows Explorer (normally right near the bottom of the list), right click on the Windows Explorer process, and select Restart. Hopefully that should get the start button back. If not or it reoccurs after a restart it is probably system file corruption, you may need to do a repair install of windows. But first follow the below step by step (don't jump ahead): Press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time, select Task manager. Run new task from
  18. One option is to get a old floppy drive, plug a 34 pin floppy to usb adapter into the back of it, plug the usb into a USB 4 Pin Header to usb A cable, 4 pin into MB.
  19. That is not the name of a program but a type of software. It is like if some one asked if CPU or GPU was more important in Graphics Design, the first question would be what programs, a response like desktop publishing software is not a answer. There are heaps of different DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) viewer programs, some are going to be dependant on CPU processing and others GPU. You have to work out what program you use/want to use.
  20. DDR3L is a dual voltage capable memory DIMM, which supports operation at both 1.5V and 1.35V. The left would be a Crucial CT102464BD160B 8 GB and right a Corsair CMV8GX3M1A1600C11 8 GB. If this is for the Asus h81m-k you posted about yesterday, then after digging through the ASUS Memory reports for the H81 Series, Asus says the Corsair CMV8GX3M1A1600C11 is compatible. Where as Crucial says the CT102464BD160B is compatible with the Asus h81m-k here https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/asus/h81m-k Just take whichever is cheaper.
  21. In typical Lenovo fashion it looks like they made 350+ different versions of the Ideapad 330 15ICH with slightly varying specifications, you should have a code somewhere on the back that starts with 81FK followed by 6 letters or numbers. Was going to ask for the code so we could look it up, but no need, read below. I started looking around at the differences between the models, some have a 1TB 5400RPM drives in them... then checked your photos and couldn't find where it would fit. Eventually found the Hardware Maintenance Manual (download it! it will save you a tone of time if anyt
  22. Those dimensions make sense. Yes it would be a bit small to get everything into. What sort of thing is the draw in? Desk, cabinet? You mentioned bedside drawer, would that be a Nightstand that you are looking to get it into?
  23. Probably not as there are no major changes in the pipeline that are going to make the 450 functionally obsolete, what could be worth waiting for is that with B550 arriving the prices of B450 could drop like B350 did with B450. But at the same time with the gap in the AM4 market (in regards to pricing) between X570 and B450 (where the X470 sits at the moment), production issues, economics, and who knows what, the B550 may come in slotted between X570 and B450 and marketed as a cheaper X570 and a better B450 (with a price tag to match). That would mean the end of X470 (which is mostly gone anywa
  24. Mounting the drive should not alter it but if your concerned use sudo mount -r /dev/nvmeOn1 which will mount the drive as read only. BTW it has been a while since I last used ubuntu but the command line terminal window should be at Applications > Accessories > Terminal assuming everything has stayed the same with later versions. With the drive in read only you should be able to copy off the files that you want to keep. After you have got the files you want backed up I assume you are going to want to resurrect the drive, if you go for trying to get the drive out of hibernation