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    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
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    2 x 8GB DDR4 3200MHz G.SKILL RipJaws
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    Cooler Master Q300L
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    1x Crucial 250GB SSD | 1x Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
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    Cooler Master 450W
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    Asus VP248QG | AOC 24B1W1
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    Bloody B120
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    Windows 10 Pro
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    Asus A541UJ
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  1. It's super cheap indeed! I'll go around and check the options I can get for this model and see thank you!
  2. Right, forgot to mention that, the budget I was willing to spend is no more than 750€ (Portugal), for IO the basic configs that usually are around, couple usb ports, sd card reader, HDMI input. They don't plug a lot of stuff, a pen, keyboard and mouse tops Screen size I was thinking about 17,3 inches
  3. TL;DR: Cheap laptop for Zoom, web surfing and writing documents, with 8gb ram and, if possible, SSD 512GB/1TB (or fast HDD), for fast bootups even when it starts to fill up. I'm looking to buy a cheap laptop to my parents to replace the ancient Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5535 they have for the past 15 years (computers back then were built to last eh?). The laptop is giving it's final breaths, taking to long to even power on, post and even go after post so I think it's time to say goodbye to it. I was looking to gift them with a new laptop, but don't want nor n
  4. Quick question, how much is this worth? It's an auction from eBay, a lot containing 2 Rasp Pi zero 1.3, 1 Rasp Pi Zero W, a screen, 2 hub thingies, 2 usb power adapters and a camera to plug into (cables and other small things). At the moment it's at 27.5€ +16€ shipping. Image down here:
  5. Hmm guess you're right, thanks for the advices!
  6. Oof that's some tech gore right there ahah At that point wouldn't be better to just open a whole hole instead of drilling every single hole? EDIT: Like this? (Image too big)
  7. True, but I have a Ryzen 5 ahah. And I've always heard "good" about the stock cooler of it.
  8. I don't think so because Linus is a delicious member to r/DataHoarder with PB of videos He might however do some cleaning from old drives that are in near end of life
  9. That's the main goal of it actually. So going with both fans will make my CPU more cooler under load? Yep, the whole case is upside down because I don't have space on the right and since it has a acrilic panel I don't want to be facing the wall. This is one of the few cases that can be put upside down without showing it it is upside down (the filters, foot bases and even the logo and IO can be moved around), you can check here! Q300L Reversed mATX Layout - Imgur
  10. I have a Cooler Master Q300L and a Ryzen 5 3600 along with a GTX 1660 Super. Although the temps are normal in idle (40ºC on CPU and 35 on GPU), I would like to lower a bit more on the cheap. At the moment I only have a 120mm fan on the back of the case exausting (came with the case) and I was wondering if I get two more 140mm fans and place them in the front would have any difference on CPU temps? Could two Artic P14 with PWM PST do the trick? (I have only one SYS_FAN left on the mobo) BTW, worth to mention, the computer is inverted, so the cpu is on the bottom while th
  11. I also have a R5 3600, what I did to lower the temps, while not using demanding stuff, is change the power plan to "Power save", this will clock down the temps to around 40's (For me after a 3 hour idle it stablized around 41~42) and everytime I need that extra juice I set the power plan back to AMD Balanced or High Performance
  12. So this thing of CSD is basically an quick and efficient way of store and read data straight from the flash instead of a lookup by the CPU?
  13. Yeah that's what I thought. They have big applications in Big data (pun intended) due to the imense data generation they produce per day (sometimes talking in TB of info). Now for consumer use it's pointless at least for now to call it the storage of the future
  14. Gotta admit: didn't search thoroughly and in other ways due to lack of time so thats why those are the only sources posted
  15. Is it worth it tho? I don't think so