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Michael jacekson

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About Michael jacekson

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    Dont have it
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    Dont have it
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    Dont have it
  • UPlay
    Dont have it
  • Battle.net
    Dont have that
  • PlayStation Network
    Idk what that is, but also dont have it
  • Xbox Live
    Dont have money for that
  • Reddit
    MEME, dont have it
  • Twitch.tv
    Dont have that
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    Real donald trump, dont have it
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    Damn, i dont have those things

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    Somewhere around there
  • Gender
    Not Telling
  • Interests
    Car electronics
  • Biography
    Poor gamer
  • Occupation
    Working with my dad for 250$ month


  • CPU
    I5 2400
  • Motherboard
    M91p lenovo, old crap
  • RAM
    8 GB Ddr3
  • GPU
    Gt740 2GB Gddr5
  • Case
    Some chinese crap, EZcool
  • Storage
    500GB hdd, 240GB Ssd Kingston
  • PSU
    550 Cooltek cvse 80 plus that have weird herz sound when you turn off pc
  • Display(s)
    22 inch lenovo 60-75 hz
  • Cooling
    2x120mm fractal that my friend gave me for free cus he bought new corsair RGB coolers
  • Keyboard
    Lenovo black one that people use in office
  • Mouse
    Ms, one that have some lights in it
  • Sound
    I have speaker that is pluged in motherboard
  • Operating System
    Win 10, pirated ?
  • Laptop
    Have one with broken display, Asus
  1. Ok everybody, i sold my RX580 today, for the same price i bought it, am gonna save up some money and sell my pc and build new build on AM4 mobo.
  2. Yeah, this mobo is crap, i run gt740 2gb on it fine, but its crap and i realized that now
  3. I will try with that one, i hope it works
  4. Idk what to do, to sell all parts and buy some better ones that can be good for later or to save money and buy better mother board. Im scared that rx580 will get outdated until i save money for that damn motherboard.
  5. Yeah, he was testing it in his high end build on am4 motherboard, super high end stuff and it worked, he run witcher 3 on it in 2k and it was like dream, all good
  6. Every part in my build is used, even RX580
  7. I must check that one cus this motherboard that i have cant run RX580 cus its to old and other thing is that data ports are right under gpu and i cant even plug gpu without data cables being pluged in
  8. I5 2400 3.1 8 GB ddr3 Motherboard Lenovo m91p, (one that dont have right port for front panel) Psu is 550w not 600, my mistake, Cooltek cvse 80 plus
  9. Hi everyone, i am new here, and i just wanted to ask you for advice. I spent 160$ on RX 580 8GB, and i recived it and my pc wont boot with it. I checked my psu, its 600w, 8 GB or ram, intel i5, everything is good until i saw that RX 580 cant boot bcs my motherboard is too old, and now here we are, i dont have money to buy motherboard and im stuck with hardware i cant use. So i wanted to ask you for advice, if i sell my old pc for some cheap price and my GPU, and if i get some money, what are the best budget parts for good build that can wait for some time until i save some money