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  1. I can't boot from USB, oh well I am cash strapped right now, so I can't afford a new card.
  2. None of the video outs work, and geforce experience claims that the newest driver is not compatible with my version of windows 10, which is up to date according to Settings.
  3. I was playing GTA 5 when my computer crashed and various colours flashed. When I rebooted a few times, it kept flashing colours immediately after logging in. Now, when I plug in my displayport to the graphics card, there is no signal, but when connected to my motherboard, there is video out. Is my graphics card dead or is it a driver issue? FYI I have an I7 4790, acer proprietary motherboard and EVGA GA 650w PSU.
  4. I currently have a GTX 760 and an i7-4790, and I wish to play Borderlands 3 on 1080p, would a RTX 2060S work, since Borderlands 3 is mostly GPU-Bound?