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    stijnverwaest got a reaction from TheKDub in Would hooking a pc up to a large screen 1080p tv hurt fps?   
    no it wont its the size of the monitor doesn't matter its the pixel count that effects it
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    stijnverwaest reacted to TheYoungEnthusiast in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    Fucking awesome build man. I have wanted to put my pc in a desk build for a while now and after watching this build log for a while makes me want to do it even more
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    stijnverwaest reacted to TheGreenBean in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    Great build.I subbed to your YT a while back and can't wait to see pt3.
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    stijnverwaest got a reaction from pummetje in Official DUTCH topic (NL)   
    ziet er goed uit wel veel hdd capaciteit he 
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    stijnverwaest reacted to MG2R in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    Dude, you don't understand! I NEED more pictures! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
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    stijnverwaest reacted to Calavera in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    True dat.
    A whore to fill? lol.
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    stijnverwaest reacted to PBaines in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    I used Google Sketchup, super easy to use :)
    Well, I saw the L3p desk and thought it was damn cool and knew I wouldn't have time to make something like that. However I then saw a desk on OC3D by Azurite about 6 months later who made a wooden desk and that got me thinking that maybe I could do something cool!
    I think I will get all of the overclocks sorted before I put the lid on. Plus since the glass is in a rebate I just have to lift the glass lid up at the front and it sits in the back rebate, so I can slide my hand in and press anything if I need to :)
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    stijnverwaest reacted to PBaines in Custom Water Cooled Desk - 56k warning. Lotsa Pictures! *Now with Table of Contents*   
    what we first start off with is making some guideline holes so that we are able to do better cuts with the jigsaw allowing us to change angles easily.

    Mid way cutting.

    now time to lay it on, and all is good.

    a wild cat appears! "hmmmm, can i fit through here?"

    "Why yes! of course I can!"

    marking out the other side, and repeating the process


    both sides have been completed and look very nice. they are BOTH yet to be routered so that the grill sits in flush. but that is next days off job.

    I quickly decided that I would do my 5.25" holes, one for a Blu Ray drive (basically just incase i need it for whatever case. And no, I couldn't be bothered getting a USB one), and also will be fitted with a Fan Controller too.
    Here is the plan...

    Holes done

    all cut out

    with a bit of extra little rasping (wood equivalent of a file) they fit nice and snug! Though like the rad grills. Will router a recess for them to sit flush in. If some may notice, the drives are sitting lower then centre, this is because I will probably put my power/reset buttons above the 5.25" area. 
    and ps, yes I know the middle piece between each 5.25" slot is weak as hell, and I understand that. If it breaks it breaks, if it doesn't it doesn't! it looks nicer with it though 

    Oh, and this is the glass installed 
    easy to remove to, simply put fingers between the two glass sheets and lift the top one up! the front bit is siliconed in place

    Next update will be Wednesday of everything routered
    and then theres only two holes left to do (PSU, I/O shield) and its time to d-d-d-d-d-drop the hardware in!!
    Here is how I will be spacing my UP7 to the desk itself. just a few rubber spacers, that will be screwed into the desk, will have to go find some nice long thin srews while I think about it!

    We start with the routering of the 480 grill rebate, so that the grill can sit nice and flush

    The middle bits had to be done also, and were very difficult too as after a few cm's the router wasn't sitting flush anymore so would 'dip' as you can see in the picture where it dipped a little bit. but that's okay! it's not seen 

    Thinking about how I could find a packer to use that allowed an extra bit of width... duh, why not use the template to rest the router on!


    Now, this is what it looked like! the rebate for the grill was done, and also i further rebated in a rectangle for the actual little hex-hole grills to sit in too

    Then there was about a 2 week period where I did nothing in life but work/sleep. UNTIL my parts arrived! and I will also be getting another GTX 680 4GB too 

    After thinking and googling, I figured a way that I could mount my power supply tidily, by making a metal template I guess you'd call it. where you would screw the thin sheet steel to the desk so you could then be able to screw the psu in! 



    And then there she was. the template to cut out the... template :B

    Mid way cutting it out, realised I shouldn't have cut the paper up so much as it was so hard to get the small rectangle square again! 


    And there it is. Not the tidiest and 100% most beautiful, but it will be painted, not seen. It will serve the purpose it was made to do _b

    Time to mark out where the IO shield will be put, and also where my PSU hole will be too.

    Time to do my preliminary guide holes for the jigsaw

    And there it is, all nice and square!

    The PSU Template works well too

    Now, the one thing that bugged me the most... The PCI holes. How do do them? Do I rebate them? Do I cut out one big hole instead? I will do it individually instead and rebate me thinks..

    I then proceeded to use the smallest router bit I had and rebate the groove for the PCI brackets to sit in.
    Also, the top L piece of the bracket needed somewhere to sit in, so I marked the lowest point the bracket could sit, otherwise the card when in the motherboard will be on a lean and could have a dodgy connection to the PCI/E Lane

    Making sure my depth was correct, I used a test bit of wood to make sure that when it came to the final piece, it was done properly.

    A Perfect fit!


    Just a FYI, to prevent any scratching this is how I lay the top down to do any cutting/routering etc

    Now that the first PCI slots had been cut, it was time to finish the rest off

    Here is how I measured the spacings for where the slots went, just an old case I chopped up!

    All cuts done

    Next, to square all the holes out I figured, what better way to do that, than with a Router! Least that's what I thought. The insertion of the bit went well, as soon as I itched it to the right BOOM. the middle piece of the PCI slots just snapped off.. I said a naughty word beginning with F. the next one began with C. hehe

    It was time to resort to Plan B. Cut the whole damn thing out and chop the PCI bracket bit out of that old case that was in the pic above

    it looks a lot tidier this way anyway, so while I am not happy the slot snapped out, I am happy with the result I guess!

    So after cutting the PCI Bracket out, i gave it a quick sand and a quick paint with orange and will continue to polish it up over the next week but just wanted to test it out for the time being to make sure all was well... Guess I was just impatient and wanted to see if when everything was laid out in the desk it would all look pretty is more appropriate
    PS- Hello Vita! (sheep)



    After the day, I moved everything to it's little box. and covered it. Until tomorrow 

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    stijnverwaest reacted to Irontheater in Noctua Display Industrial Fans And They Are Black!   
    After seeing this, my life is now complete. (i mean pc)
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    stijnverwaest reacted to Donut417 in The FBI, NSA are spying on you!   
    What scares me most is the government acknowledged that this program exists. When does the US government ever tell the truth. I'm more comfortable when my government lies to me. But, is any one actually surprised? In the back of my mind I always thought the NSA was tracking everything any way. For any one who remembers the movie Enemy of the State with Will Smith, Gene Hackman, and Jon Voight, should remember Jon Voight's character said privacy was dead and that the only privacy left was in your own head. I would have to agree with that statement. 
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    stijnverwaest got a reaction from Tro in Official DUTCH topic (NL)   
    dromen mag zeker anders doen we niks meer :p
    en het is wel goed om te sparen naar wat je echt wilt hebben
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    stijnverwaest reacted to Thibaudv in What OS do you use   
    W8 on my desktop
    W7/ Ubuntu dualboot on an older laptop
    OS X on the iMac in our kitchen
    Android on my smartphone
    IOS on my iPad
    ...They all have their strengths and their weaknesses (except for IOS that's just stupid)
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    stijnverwaest reacted to SSOB in Official DUTCH topic (NL)   
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    stijnverwaest reacted to SirReallySam in Microsoft provides response to Windows 8 criticism   
    I don't think it was a failure, I just think that it's good for touch screen not a desktop and mouse setup... That's where Classic Shell and other apps that add the start menu back come in, also Just because Microsoft is thinking they should add it back doesn't make it a failure, it's just them listening to their users :D which I am happy about!