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  1. currently i have an igpu so would be nice
  2. username: stijnverwaets videos: -https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf -https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  3. for gaming i woeld go with the gpu . cpu is oke it has 4 cores and a 3.9ghz klok with turbo to 4.2 it can handle it
  4. what type of games do you play beacus if they are not a fast game it doesn't rely matter
  5. that's right but if you get a decent tv it isn't that bad i have my tv also on my pc and works pretty good
  6. tats right but unless your sitting right in front of it you wont realy notice it
  7. no it wont its the size of the monitor doesn't matter its the pixel count that effects it
  8. try the old driver that is on the mobo cd ?
  9. eu try to disable it and reenable ? don't really know
  10. did you enable to see disabled devices if not try that (just right click in the window)
  11. me two scaling is still a big issue
  12. go to the network center and check if you on accident disabled the connection
  13. the psu . it looks nice and the one i have is not so great .
  14. ever since i found the channel i loved the content . keep up the good work
  15. it's maybe a driver problem dit you just do auto detect drivers ? if so do it manualy .
  16. or somtimes the connectors don't work well whit 4pull audio jacks if it are 3 pull conectors and the other way around
  17. than he has to have a crosover cable not evryone owns one but if the router isnt gigabit it doen't realy matter that he can't set laptop to gigabit
  18. probebly cabel don't know if you get the option or if it removes the option it
  19. i like the camera and the skin is graet