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  1. i agree with skiiwee, i would wait until you know what kind of PSU you are going to use. cablemod has cables for what they are calling their series. Series B-Series (be quiet!®) C-Series (Corsair®) CM-Series (Cooler Master®) SE-Series (Seasonic®) ST-Series (SilverStone®) C-Series AXi, HXi & RM (Corsair©) E-Series (EVGA©) the cables are the same but different, the difference is in the ends sometimes and a corsair PSU cable may not work on an EVGA PSU but its not a good idea to do it this way anyway.
  2. that might be it but i doubt it. yes the i5 sucks and i dont know why they continue to make the i3 and i5 because barely anyone buys them for any reason not just because they are good for office work but still. and look at their post before my reply with the last pic quoted. they decided to go with the i5 10400F so would it be another botleneck with no graphics?
  3. and the amount of GB or TB on a HDD or SSD has basicaly nothing to do with storage. you are correct as most people dont game that much or they play games from game websites so not that detailed but for the people who play games like 1st person shooters or RPGs then the more ram you have the smoother the game play will be making it easier to play the game.
  4. i meant werent you asking if upgrading your GPU was worth it. might have been someione else using that kind of question.
  5. didnt you ask this a few hours ago but were wondering about a GPU upgrade and not a CPU one? either way at the current time i would say that its not worth it. your specs say 2600 but your title says 3600. that is a 3 year old CPU for a 2 year old one. so either way there wil not be much of a noticable difference, i would look into upgrading the GPU first as its around 5 years old or more.
  6. this is a yes and no because it deoends on the use you have for the CPU. overall i would say no because one threadripper is around $3000+ and you can get a full and decent system for that and maybe even some left over.
  7. the current socket for AMD is the AM4, dont be surprised when they announce the AM5 socket later this year, next year or whenever they announce it. the current socket for intel is the LGA1200 which was first used for the 10th gen and now 11th gen CPUs so i can see it lasting probablyt until the 13th or 14th gen. neither one should cause a bottleneck with the 3070 or even 40 series cards when they are released but your issue is going to be that PSU, its underpowered for handleing a 30 series card. i have a i7 8700k, msi z370, 2070 super and 1 HDD, EVGAs power meter is saying i am ta
  8. are you talking about the 500 series motherboards like the z590?
  9. 32gb of RAM is no way overkill. in fact since your board can handle 128gb of RAM you will be running at about 1/4th of the memory speed it can handle.
  10. yes it would be a hassle which is probably why they dont do it. is it possible? yes it is possible, it would just take some time to figure out how to make it work. is it likely? no not likely at all.
  11. ok, then your temps are fine. i dont know why it would be bottlenecking because the GPU is only a year and a half old and the CPU is only around 4 years old.
  12. so you can not overclock the B series boards? as for the i5 7400. i dont think its your CPU bottlenecking. that card release date was 2014 if i am right so it would be your GPU bottlenecking. i know this because i had an AMD radeon 6770 from a prebuilt that i used for a couple of year but some games were becoming laggy, i replaced the GPU and the games worked fine.
  13. are those the temps when idling or under a heavy load? i know you are already getting another board and CPU but those temps are a little high for idling.
  14. sounds like you have LED fans and not RGB fans.