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  1. if you are looking for cheap. then you might be able to use some other things than PC mesh which could work as good. like cheap low thread count bed sheets, gardening cloth, home window screen mesh. yes not the best and is weird but i did say could work not would work. Screen mesh Replacement Screens at Lowes.com Premium Ultra Thin 0.17mm PVC Case Fan Dust Filter Material - modDIY.com
  2. finding a front IO panel with power and reset would depend on what you are looking for. what i mean is as you just looking for the power and reset buttons because those can be almost anything you want like what 8tg posted. they dont have to be from another computer case. or are you looking for something like this? Obsidian 1000D I/O Panel (corsair.com)
  3. with an EATX board you your options on a mid tower could be limited. using pcpartpiocker.com i took over 4300 cases down to 70. Choose A Case - PCPartPicker of these 70 i would reccomend looking into the fractal design meshify 2 and meshify 2 XL. Meshify 2 — Fractal Design (fractal-design.com) Meshify 2 XL Light Tempered Glass — Fractal Design (fractal-design.com)
  4. its easy. remove the side panel and place it somewhere else. problem solved. but joking aside, you can order a replacement clear tempered glass panel for the 4000x but there are currently 2 issues. the 1st being that its temporarly out of stock. the 2nd is that the panel around the clear glass is white and painting it black may void the warranty. iCUE 4000X/4000D/4000D Airflow Tempered Glass Panel, Clear (corsair.com)
  5. The cases I was going to name have already been named so I can't add anything on that. What I can tell you is to find the specs of your cases and look for the CPU section as it should have the info on what the max CPU cooler size can be inside the case. Then look at the CPU cooler you are looking at and see if the size is smaller than the max height for the CPU cooler of the case. I know this is a no duh but you have to take into account the motherboard thickness too
  6. Yes it's impossible to do without machines that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You have the acrylic it sounds like so you can do the process slowly if you want. If it does work, try looking up performancepcs.com out of Florida USA. The make custom acrylic pieces
  7. acrylic is basically plastic and plastic can be heated and formed into different shapes like most soda bottles. so it wont shatter easily if heated HOWEVER this does not mean its easy to work with. to get it into most shapes companies use a process called vacuforming in which they place the plastic or acrylic on a table with lots of holes in it. they heat the acrylic up, lay a mold shape under it and then suck out all the air making the plastic take the shape of the mold. i would give more precise and info but have to leave for work now
  8. threads usually dont close unless a mod closes them for something such as violating the rules. after a time they will get a warning on them like ":this threaf is old, maybe you should start a new one". with what i have seen the best person to pay attention to on airflow cases is steve from gamers nexus as they are very biased towards cases with good airflow and will call out any case or company that says their case does but really doesnt. at the current time i would avoid anything NZXT because they are having an issue with their PCIe riser cables causing fires inside people's cases
  9. did the person you bought it from say why they were selling it?
  10. if the cooler can be connected to the LGA1200 socket by a bracket then i would say it supports it. different motherboards will not call what they support the same. looking at a pic of the board, above the CPU socket i see 2 4 pin connectors, the one on the right says CPU fan, the one on the left says CPU something, but i can not make it out.
  11. that is a really good idea and one i never would have thought of. or maybe buy an igloo or yeti cooler so it can be water cooled easier. lol
  12. If you want to talk about completely off topic and wrong info, there are other sites for that. And as a repo agent I think I would know more about property and privacy laws than most others, even lawyers because most deal with it once it a while, I deal with it more times I one day than most will in their entire careers. YES all cameras DO fall under the exact same law. why? because there is no such thing as video recording. photography is one of my hobbies and as a hobby i learned this years ago. "video" is playback of pics taken so close together flashed in front of your eyes so
  13. I don't think using Wikipedia is a good or even decent source for info. On the bottom of the pages is "this page was last edited by x on x tldate and time". If there was such a thing as 2 party consent states then every person who lives in that state would have to have a sign on their vehicle saying "I have a dashcam and you are being recorded" for those that do have dashcams. All cameras fall under the exact same law.
  14. Yes it most certainly is. It's common sense. You are never going to walk up to someone who is trying to break into a store saying "hey do you mind if I record your illegal actions?". I would look up so reddit stories because according to you they are breaking the law. I am working right now and will edit or provide more info later