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  1. Can also confirm. Got my 3080FE yesterday and had no issues with the C850.
  2. @LukeSavenije I've read that the NZXT C series is based on the Focus Plus Gold series. Does that mean it has the same issues? I was planning on getting an c850 in anticipation of the RTX 3080 but am worried about the quality of the PSU. EDIT: Never mind its based on the Focus GX series with changes to the primary switching FETs and the bulk cap
  3. I bought a FOCUS Plus Gold 650 FX in October 2018 and had no issues with my 1080ti so far (although it´s UV to 0.9V most of the time). How do I test whether or not it´s a faulty unit? Or can i assume im "safe"? I was planning on using it with the upcoming Ampere cards (3070 or 3080) and just want to make sure.